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Episode 8 of Morning Maker Show: Solo Entrepreneurial Symphony: Turning Morning Pleasures into Business Treasures

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Embark on a laughter-filled journey with Dan and Sandra as they discuss the highs and lows of solo entrepreneurship. From witty sponsor anecdotes to the art of quitting jobs, this podcast is your go-to guide for navigating the world of indie business. Whether it's dealing with FAQs, wrestling with productivity apps, or making the bold decision to tell your boss "I'm done," these hosts share insights that resonate with every solo entrepreneur's struggle.

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Dan: Good morning, Sandra. Good

Sandra: morning, Dan. How are you? I love saying this good morning because I love saying good morning, even the evenings. It's, it gives me such a pleasure, even more high than actually in the morning.

Dan: Yeah. I'm totally with you. I think morning is when I have the most energy as well. So just doing this show and saying good morning to you just gives me, you know, three, four more hours of work afterwards.

So let's do it. Let's go.

Sandra: Yeah, we should do that every single day, I guess. That would be too much, though.

Dan: I don't think we have enough sponsors. I agree with you. I don't think we have enough sponsors.

Sandra: Oh, I have a brilliant sponsor for today. Oh my God, I'm so excited about it. Can we jump to the sponsor already or it's too much?

Dan: No, give it a second, please. Give it a second.

Sandra: Okay. Okay.

Dan: We, we can take, uh, we, if you're so excited, we can take the first one. Do you want to take the first one?

Sandra: Okay. Yeah. But, oh no, we start with the name. By the way, Happy New Year, everyone. Happy 2024. Um, and let's rock this show. I guess this is the first show of the year.

Dan: Yes, it is. Let's go.

Sandra: Um, Yifan Koch.

Change my FAQ section to one with animated, uh, accordions. All thanks to Jason's plug in for that. Go check out these card plug ins. They are pretty dope.

Dan: Gotta say Jason's full

Sandra: name. Jason Um,

Dan: I'm sure that's not correct, but very, um, I think this is the best I can do very well done.

So actually I've never tried card. Do you know what card is?

Sandra: No. I mean, I never tried it though.

Dan: Simple, free, fully responsive, one page sites for pretty much anything.

Sandra: Interesting.

Dan: I wonder why, I know Jason's doing plugins for this and he's, he's making quite a lot of them. I don't know why I've never seen this in the wild though.

It looks very cool. Is it, perhaps it's an indie product as well, or maybe it's bigger. I don't know

Sandra: if anyone has, uh, sorry. No, no. I said, I think it's a bit bigger if I, if I'm not mistaken. Yeah.

Dan: Yeah. It looks very cool. So Frequently Asked Questions plugin. I, uh, I also have one, uh, one huge, huge block that I could rewrite and make it a little bit more.

You know, concise, it's getting, it's getting quite hard to, you know, visually scan, but the thing is accessibility wise, don't you want people to be able to search on the page? So like control F or command F on the Mac and search for the thing that you want to search? Question mark. Yeah. But

Sandra: I mean, it's an interesting idea, but then, um.

Because I'm in the search, in the search industry, you would be surprised how many times people don't know actually what they are searching for. So I think I like the idea of having something visually already there to help you through the process. Um, and then, yeah.

Dan: Right, right, because you think it's not going to help anyway.

But it might help with SEO maybe, you know, because some of the keywords might get indexed. Because if you put them in the, you know, one of these collapsible FAQs, then they probably won't get indexed, right? Mm. Some ideas. I don't know. I'm split. I would like to find the middle ground where you kind of have, maybe you have half of it or like the first sentence and you have read more or something like that.

Anyway, FAQs, right? What a problem. I did

Sandra: my help center today and I don't want to talk about it at all.

Dan: How'd you make the help center?

Sandra: Well, I didn't, but I did. I mean, through the web flow, I just laid out everything there. And now I'm scared when, while we are talking about the SEO, how it's going to like work out because everything is on one page and then you kind of have a button scrolling around.

So let's see how it's going to happen. But, um, it's, I think I spent like four hours on it and there's still no videos, only pictures. So it's, you know, it's

Dan: very annoying. So they don't really have something specifically for it. You kind of hacked it? No,

Sandra: no, no, no, no, no. But I sold my soul already to Webflow and I'm not changing it at this point.

Dan: Yeah. That's a topic, huh? Platform lock in. I mean, now that you're so invested, you spent so much time in it. It's kind of difficult to move because. You think you're going to spend the same time on the next platform and also end up in the same position. Yeah.

Sandra: That's a good solution. I mean, the good solution is to make anything and just improve it.

Because you're gonna stumble on the problem all the time. I mean, Alex was suggesting to, was suggesting to me to, um, move to frame Framer. Framer. Yeah. Um, and it's much more smoother and nicer, but like, just learning process and, you know, gathering the data that you already know about Webflow, it's a thing on its own.

So. I'm a not, not big fan of change. Yeah.

Dan: Yeah. I agree. All right. Let's jump to the next one by Greg Gilbert.

He writes in a few weeks, many will get, will feel stuck. That's the aftermath of new year. And then he links to the best way to get unstuck before I open it. What do you think it is? Yeah. I hope

Sandra: it's a productivity tool.

Dan: Okay. So you think it's a tool. I think Greg is a clever guy. I think it's going to be some like very simple tip of some sort, like a, just, just a small piece of advice. Okay. Do I open it? Yeah. Go. Okay. Uh, the best way to get unstuck. Um, blah, blah, blah. Oh, the cure is simple. Do something. Do something because the way to escape stuckness is by taking action.

See, I knew it. I knew it. I win. What do I win?

Sandra: Um, a tea. You were sick.

Dan: I'm very sick,

Sandra: so. Or just go for gin and tonic. I don't


Dan: Yeah. So for people that don't know, I'm. I'm giving it, this show, I'm giving it my all because I've been sick for, what, 10 days now? I got COVID and I, I almost didn't make it, like not for the show, but in general.

Sandra: I was worried because we just got like 100 subscribers on the newsletter and it would be such a shame to lose you at this point.

Dan: Yeah, it would, but you would do just fine. So anyway, um, I'm, I'm recovering now, but I'm still not that good. So I hope you appreciate. Me dedicating my voice and the last, you know, whatever I have from my lungs to this show.

It is very little left to be honest. So what do you think about Greg's thing? Just do something? Does that resonate with you?

Sandra: Um, totally because yesterday I shared a tweet, um, saying just work. So I think Greg and me are on the same level when it comes to this. It's very true though. Like if you get into too much thinking, it's going to be very problematic of what's next to do.

So just do anything and start from there. Like me with my help center. I hate help center. I hope it will help someone.

Dan: Well, It's called a help center. You'd better help someone. You'd better help someone. Ah, great. Yeah, completely agree as well. That's my problem when I leave for a long time. This wasn't really it.

I was sick, but I was still doing things. Because now I'm afraid to not do anything at all. I do get stuck as well. And the best way to, to get out of that mood is to, to start on whatever it is, but there is another trick to it. And it's not to think about what you're doing, because if I don't do anything for two weeks and I start thinking, okay, what should I start with?

It all becomes so overwhelming because You feel like you're behind and there's so many things to do, so then you don't do anything at all. So my best take is just do it without thinking of the first few days. Do whatever you find fun even. Yeah,

Sandra: yeah. I mean, we always come back to the, my favorite, favorite line, which is like low of expectation through whole life.

Dan: Your, your life motto, yeah, which is totally, and

Sandra: then just whatever you do, it's going to be great. And you've got to, that's it.

Dan: Yeah. On that very, very good summary. Do you want to take the next one, Sandra?

Sandra: Oh, Alex Suzuki.

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed today. There is simply so much stuff to improve on all fronts.

The best I can do today is write down thoughts and distill them into actionable items. For me, that's Trello cards, and hopefully find the energy to tackle them next week. First of all, Trello! Oh my god, I haven't read that someone is still using Trello in a while.

Dan: Hmm. That's crazy. It used to be very popular.

Yeah. Yeah.

Sandra: I mean, I, I know because in, in Clue we have also Trello integration and I think it's the lowest integrated

Dan: app. Yeah. I I was in companies that use Trello as the, you know, the Scrum board or whatever, you know, kind of enterprise level kind of organization. I work quite well. The only thing is after a while.

You pile up stuff, you pile up these cards, and I think it's similar to what Alex is feeling, and you open that thing up, and there's a, if no one cleans it up, there's a million cards, and you feel completely overwhelmed, and then you're asking yourself, why are we even using Trello, it's not worth it. So you, you gotta keep it clean always.

I have the same problem whatever I use though. If, if it's, Notes or, you know, just a text file in, you know, two weeks, it gets overwhelming. Then I need to start a new one, basically.

Sandra: Yeah, but I totally feel Alex. He's feeling overwhelmed today and, um, trying to put everything in one place. It's quite, it's quite, um, hard as well.

Lower expectations.

Dan: That's the way. All right. I can take the easy one, uh, by Harry. No second, last name.

Harry says, landing page tips. Get specific. You can't bullshit specifics. Did you blur the curse word out? Do we have this technology? No. Save more on your electricity bill. Save an average of, oh, so now examples on how not to do it.

Don't do save more on your electricity bill, but do save an average of 33. 7 percent on your electricity bill. Why do you think?

Sandra: Um,

I'll tell you, I have a story about this and it's very similar. So I was, I was doing a marketing for one, um. Electricity storage

Dan: company. Oh, so this is right up your alley. Somehow.

Sandra: Unbelievable. And they were saving around like 99 percent of the electricity bill. And I was like, well, that's a great line. If that is happening and if that's true, oh my god, we need to use that.

But the issue was Because people thought we are bullshitting because it was too good to be true.

So, um, yeah, copy is super, super important and it truly makes difference. Um, but you need to also be careful how good of a copy that it is.

Dan: So what was the solution then? What could you do better? Well, I said 80%.

So you just lied, but the opposite way to your detriment, just so you users believe you. That's crazy. But I guess the takeaway is no matter what copy you write, try to get feedback from users and see how they feel about it if you can. Yeah.

Sandra: Like. Yeah, they actually all day before. Um, I mean, I've been running the clue website for too long.

And, um, yesterday I decided to go again on the Reddit and just post on the random, you know, subreddit and ask people, do you get it? Like, do you understand what I'm talking about? And I got a bunch of comments saying like, It's good. And then someone is saying, what the fuck is this? You know, and et cetera.

So it's like, it's very tricky to go too wide. It's great. If you know who you are targeting, and then writing the copy for them, it's much easier than, and I stumble on that problem. When you go too wide, it's very problematic. But if you have people in mind and then, you know, what's their problem. Exactly.

You know how to write it down.

Dan: So absolutely agree. Okay. Okay. Next one. You want to take it?

Sandra: Absolutely. Um, oh, he's dead. I hate you.

Dan: I didn't plan it this way. You lost me.

Sandra: Nauman Tariq.

It's been tough last year for me to build and focus on. I believe this year I can focus more and keep my goals, um, short so I can deliver. Who else feels like that? Again, lower expectation, higher return. Everything is great.

Dan: Easy recipe for success, huh? Easy peasy. Yeah, do you feel overwhelmed in the new year or have you felt in the past year?

I mean, you seem like you always have energy to tackle no matter what's going to happen. How do you do it?

Sandra: I mean, I have my worries and you always go back and forward, but I don't allow myself to overthink things. If I'm able to do something, I'm able to do something and that's about it. Um, and I keep it like that again, super simple things, but I do, I mean, we all have worries, but we cannot just like get ourselves into too much thinking because then you are sitting and not doing anything and then you feel overwhelmed, you know?

Yeah. So it's not the time. The most positive person on the planet is just, I'm great in ignoring things and just doing what I can. Yeah,

Dan: yeah. I completely agree. I sometimes feel the same. You just have to keep doing things and stop worrying about things that can go wrong.

Sandra: Yeah. Yeah. Because otherwise it doesn't make sense.

Like there's always Things that will go wrong and there's always too many things that you need to tackle and to deal with and just take one thing at the time. And that's about it.

Dan: Yeah, exactly. Pick the task for that day, work on it, ship it, and then take the next day.

Sandra: Also, I'm going to, I'm going to listen to this podcast or space again, because I want to listen to my own advices and take them actually.

Dan: Yeah, that's what we established in the last show that we don't follow our own advice, which is fantastic. How long did you take you to ship that newsletter, Sandra?

Sandra: Let's not talk about that.

Dan: Next question or next update. I Can take it. Joao Aguiam, how do you like that, huh?

I have introduced a paywall to my Quick Actions plugin for Crisp, huge bag of money, emoji.

Live since September and installed on 340 plus websites, that's quite a bit. I decided it's time to charge customers, maybe I should have done it earlier, huh? Do you think he should have done it earlier?

Sandra: I have a hot take on that. It depends, it depends, it depends, it depends.

Dan: I've been burned by this before. The thing is, if you don't charge, there's, there's no other way to know if people were actually going to pay money for it. Yeah. Thing is to use it when it's free and another thing is to pay maybe a subscription to use it.

So my take is you need to start with that. Even if it's the wrong pricing, even maybe you start with a lifetime deal or, or something that's obviously wrong, but you get some people to pay. That's the best way to validate.

Sandra: Especially for the, for the indie makers and at the beginning, like. If you are able to charge someone with your landing page, even, you're good.

Dan: All right. You want to take the . The next one.

Sandra: Yes. Sebastian. Sebastian Ruhl.

Happy New Year. Excited to announce that I quit my job and I'll be going full time on my app business in February. I have big plans. Big plans for my apps, especially HabitKit.

Super happy about the current growth and I hope that I can keep living the dream. Hey, congratulations to Sebastian. Congrats

Dan: Sebastian. This is

Sandra: awesome. We are celebrating when someone quits their job.

Dan: Isn't that, isn't that amazing though? It's beautiful. It's a lot. Exactly. Beautiful. That's the word. It's, you know, a lot of people go into this with, with this dream to one day be able to do it full time.

And Sebastian strikes me as the type of person that does this in how to put it in a way that he finds enjoyment and balance, he's not in my mind, at least the type that will, you know, go all in burnout and say, Oh, well that didn't work out. It's, you know, a little bit more planned if you want and having a steady growth.

So it's it's really cool to see. And also really cool to see that there are different ways of doing this. So some people just straight up quit. from the get go and live off their savings, try to make it, that's fine. And some other people, they do it slowly and grow their product on the side. And then one day quit it's beautiful either way.

Sandra: It's I fully agree with you. I think, um. I think if you do have savings and you are ready to kind of like take that risk as well, go full in. And I think also what you said, if, if you have ability to kind of spend some time next to, you know, your, your real job, working on something and then deciding to go full in.

At some point, still great, but congratulations, Bastian, great job.

Dan: Congrats. Sandra, do you want to talk about our sponsor

Sandra: for today? Oh my god, thank god. Okay, I'm super excited about this sponsor, actually, because, um, I'm a big Big on productivity apps like give me people if you have productivity apps if you are building something I'm your person send it to me.

I'll try it. I'll test it. I'll give you a feedback But i'm also someone who is so annoyed by productivity apps Like I generally hate them and I love them Um, the reason for that is because usually product, oh my God, I'm taking so much time for this, but it's fine. It's

Dan: a good sponsor though.

Sandra: But usually with productivity apps, it's very tricky.

Sometimes, as we said, in this space, it can get overwhelmed. Sometimes you feel that you're spending more time into, um, fixing, adding, and like just trying to be productive. So I. I usually get super annoyed and quit, quit, quit very fast. But then, um, ladies and gentlemen, I stumbled on Llama Life and it blew my mind.

It's so good. It's so cute. It's so smooth. It's just like that beautiful thing that you want to have next to you to count the hours, you know. So you put all of your tasks that you want to do. Then you put the time then you can add the time, you know, if you're not done with the task And then the next day because I have you A lot of repetitive tasks.

I can just bring it up again. I don't have to write anything down. It's a perfect, smooth, chill app.

Dan: No prob-llama, as they say.

Sandra: No prob-llama, and I paid for it. And I don't, I'm such a cheap person. I've paid.

Dan: Very well done. It's. It's almost as if it was a real sponsor. Okay. Let's move on to the next, next update.

Is it me or is it you? I actually lost count. You can take it. You can

Sandra: take it. Uh, Ron Philip,

my last. Tweet was 112 days ago. I felt I had nothing of value to share to the amazing hashtag building public community. I didn't want to tweet the same ideas over and over again. So I took a break. I worked on my startup project in private.

Now I'm back to share everything I've learned in this time, lessons, goals, tips, tricks, and more. I'm SaaS founders more than I. ever have before. 2024 will be amazing. Okay, I need to follow this person now.

Dan: This is, I'm missing one thing from this. Why, why come back? Because I have some theories, right? But I'm just curious if, if, if Rohan is going to join in the comments or something, because if you're out for 112 days, It must be very difficult to go back in and start writing updates.

I think because you get out of this You have a muscle about posting and getting ideas, that's how it is for me anyway, once you lose that muscle, it takes a lot of effort to start posting again, in my personal experience. I don't know if you feel the same. I don't

Sandra: know, I've never been out for 112 days and then came back.

No, me neither. No. So I'm not quite sure, but I think it's a great thing if you do feel like you have something to bring to the community, even though, like, sometimes I feel like people don't understand that any tweet or any message or any learning can inspire logic. Others and they expect that something great of a value that they can only share some some great of the value and I I'm not sure what even that is, um, so maybe some people just feel pressure of the content that they are sharing.

So I would just remind anyone to share whatever they want because like it. It doesn't matter if it's a win or a loss or like you learn something small today or something big. It could potentially like inspire someone else and you have no idea about it. So that's like kind of the beauty of the community as well.

And that's what I wrote in our last newsletter as well. It's like, it's, it's, I wasn't in the past year, I wasn't inspired by Steve Jobs or the guy who renamed Twitter to X. Did you saw that line? That was a good line. But I was inspired by like, You and, you know, the random people that I met and, you know, they don't have thousands of likes on their tweets or something like that.

It's just like a person that did something and it didn't work or it did work. And I'm like, Oh my God, thank you. You know, so don't feel pressure.

Dan: Yeah, that's my takeaway. I recently did a podcast. With, uh, Tobias, maybe some of you have heard it and my tip there and, and what works for me is to not do this, not think of what should I write that provides value.

Now, people are interested in, in your story and what you have to say in, in, in your raw ideas. So don't think about what people want to hear. Just. say what you think without, yeah, and that's been working for, for me. Oh, that, that's my pro tip right here. And then it's maybe easier to come back if you think that way, I should follow my own lessons.

Sandra: I know you, we should listen to this podcast more often and we are brilliant.

Dan: I'm just having so many realizations of good decisions I've made in my life. It's great. All right. I can take one more. One more. By Justin Harwood. He's, he's been on the show maybe a couple of times already. Nice work, Justin.

Justin says,

Thanks Well, build in public friends. I did a thing this morning, had a conversation with my boss. Oh no, no more. And I said, I think you should start looking for my replacement. Starting 2024 scary and strong by telling my boss I was done. He will begin looking for my replacement and once he finds him or her, I will train them for two weeks and then be done.

I'm excited to get back to designing cool. Stuff full time, but I'm also extremely nervous to give up almost a five figure monthly pay. So here I go, I guess. I

Sandra: know what's the subject for my next newsletter. It's going to be, um, how to properly say your boss that you're out.

Dan: Out for good. Yeah, it's, it's Interesting theme and the build in public hashtag is maybe because it's the beginning of the year and people make big changes sometimes in the beginning of the year.

I don't know why. I personally don't see a difference. I just kept doing what I do. I didn't change on the 1st of January or anything. Did you? Did you saw

Sandra: me?

Dan: Yeah. Well, you did change. You did change. Please check the photos. Uh, Sandra now has silver hair and awesome makeup, but the internet is so bad. I cannot take a good photo.


Sandra: But I, I mean, probably the beginning of the year always give us, gives us this idea of new beginnings, you know, like something magical will happen. I remember Okay, this is a long story, but I remember when I was turning 18 and we were waiting in front of my building and I thought like now when I turn 18, there's going to be fireworks and something crazy will happen.

Nothing happened. It's just like nothing realized I need to lower my expectations.

Dan: Yeah. So we're back to your lifelong journey of lowering your expectations and doing as little as you can. All right. I have, it's incredible. The next one, let's take the next one too, because it's, I can't believe everyone's thinking this.

You want to take it? Yes, please.

Sandra: Sam, you buy?!

My main goal for 2024 is to quit the nine to five permanently. Then I want to buy. The cleaner Air, air Armchair


Dan: build in public. I, I, I wrecked your English in, in this. I need to quit something.

Sandra: I need to quit something. I have, have the need to quit something .

Dan: yEah. Yet again, a goal to, to quit the job. You know, I have one, one thought here. It's a good goal and I'm really happy when someone does it, and they can do it on their own projects, but it shouldn't sound like it's that.

bad to have, it depends on the job, of course, if you really hate it, uh, but not everyone hates their job. Some, some really do. I was working in a company many years ago where there were people there for 30 years and they were very passionate about what they do. I don't think they would, they would have wanted to work anywhere else.

Oh, but that's

Sandra: beautiful.

Dan: Yeah. So I can totally get that. But yeah, in this community, I think most of us have to go to be on our own, be on our own boss and have more freedom and so on. But do you believe there's more freedom when you quit your job and you're, you're your own boss in your company? Of course not.

Sandra: Of course not. But there, there is like, I think we are surrounded in general by the people that are, you know, people that are, um, brave enough to chase their dreams. I don't know how to explain it. Otherwise, I think. If we would go out from our bubble and say that, Oh, I'm going to quit my job. And, you know, then you would get the real reaction of people saying, what are you doing and why are you doing that for us?

I think it's much more, um, easier to understand why they are doing it because once you feel that it's, it's stressful, it's not easy, you know, you don't have that security, but you have that freedom of. I don't know. It's just yours. That's the thing.

Dan: It's a, it's a different kind of freedom, but you don't have the same freedom of, you know, taking a three week holiday and not doing anything.

I can't take two days without doing anything, right? There's always at least a mail or, or something that comes. So yeah, that's, that's one of the things that I would like people to know before they get into this. If they don't, because. There's also a lot of romanticizing, you know, going back to MRR screenshots and showing, oh yeah, look at this chart and that chart and you know, everyone should, should do it.

But just know there's some other things that are difficult about this. And one of it is you can't really disappear for a long time. You can for a few days, depending on the business, but realistically you have to be there. Yeah,

Sandra: that's for sure. That's for sure. And I mean, like, even during this Christmas, I saw myself like, I keep holding my laptop and I even went to shopping with my mom with my laptop.

It's sad.

Dan: Yeah. I saw that. I saw, I think, uh, one of our friends, Dmytro said, you know, put it down and spend some time with your mom. Yeah. Yeah.

Sandra: And when I, I actually, that's when I stopped and I was like, what the fuck, you know, like leave that shit away. Does that pressure you have, you, you know, it's the love in the same time because you know, like when, when the right moment hits.

in your head with the work, you want to finish it. Like, it's really hard to stop. But then you see your mom and family and you're like, oh my god, what am I doing? Like, this is so out of the

Dan: touch. Yeah, it's difficult to find balance in this. Because it's true, one of the The reason why we're doing it is because it's very exciting and we, we just can't stop thinking about it.

So we would, if we could, we would do it 24 seven, but then you also have to look around and see, okay, I have some parents, brothers, whatever that they're, you know, they're not gonna, in case of parents, not going to be there forever. And, you know, it's more important to. Spend some time with them right now than doing this thing that actually doesn't matter that much I could do it tomorrow as well That's the struggle doing things on your own because you don't have a boss saying Do this and then when you hit the whatever 5 p.

m Then you stop doing it and you can you can do something else for yourself. You're always on you're always doing things Yeah,

Sandra: and your brain is always on it's very hard to go out of that mindset very hard

Dan: Yeah, and which is good and bad because I'm getting ideas all the time, and I almost want to make another product, but please stop me.

Okay, I can talk about it. I, I want to do so the show is called New Year New Products. I need to at least mention it. It's not really a product. But while I was sick, I was playing with some of my brother's drawings. So he's very talented. He's doing architecture drawings, but also cars and also landscapes.

So I used them as input in mid journey and created some pretty, pretty epic looking, um, photos out of it. And I was thinking, well, this is something. People might want maybe just as an art piece, perhaps, and I'm struggling to figure out, you know, the novel part is someone drew these by hand and the drawings are really awesome and then complemented with the AI images.

They look fantastic. So. You know, one, uh, one approach to it is people like unique things, one of a kind pieces. So I have the drawing and you could perhaps get both the digital part and the actual drawing. You could, you could buy it as a package and I'm sure people did this with NFTs and you know, when, when that thing was happening, it was maybe too late for me to get into that.

So I'm still thinking about how I could. how I could put this out or maybe it should just be like a very nice free website with the photos of the drawings and the result and how people can use them for wallpapers or whatever. I don't know. What do you think? Do you have any ideas? I'm

Sandra: actually very excited about what you said because I'm getting into art business as well.

Dan: Perfect segue or trap.

Sandra: So yes, we do this together. I don't know. Um, but, um, I was thinking about it as well, because as I said today, I wrote a tweet about my friend that she's a academic artist and all of this trouble that she's going through and et cetera. And then I kind of dig deeper into this issue and discovered multiple things that I had no idea about.

And now you're talking to me that you want to take drawings and put it in the mid journey. So,

Dan: um, Maybe don't do it.

Sandra: Is what you're

Dan: saying. Maybe stick with whatever I'm doing already. I

Sandra: don't know. I don't know. It's a crazy world. And I, I bet we will figure it out. We need something more next to all of this madness. Um, we need more products then.

Dan: Yeah, um, yeah, but maybe then the, the thing to do is, is a marketplace where you can sell these, but I don't know how there's probably, I don't know anything about it.

There's probably a lot of these. So if anyone knows, please, please tell me. I imagine there are quite a lot. And I imagine. It's very difficult to get into, you know, this type of, probably any marketplace is difficult, but specifically for digital art now with the explosion of AI, I bet that exploded as well in parallel.

So, but this is kind of, uh, what I think is interesting about my idea is that it's a mix of, you know, traditional drawings and art and the new one. And maybe that's a, that's a new idea that I have to come up with. I'll let it, I'll let it simmer in the background.

Sandra: Yeah. Yeah. I think we are ready for a new Dan

Dan: product.

Yeah. Well, I kind of, you know, I launched two things because I'm sick, so I can't do like proper work. So I'm just launching. Well, okay. It's also proper where I'm just not doing what I'm supposed to be doing. Uh, and I think one of them I'm going to put on product hunt just like that. It's like a small tool for browsing UI components.

I might just put it on product hunt. I've never tried that. I think you think it's going to get featured if I put it.

Sandra: Of course not, nothing is getting featured these days, but it's going to be exciting, you know? Because then fight with brother cunt and call them out, and then mention Ryan that left the company like 10 years ago and then he's the only one replying and it's so much dramatic and I love it.

Oh yeah,

Dan: we do, we do it for the drama, yeah. When should I do it? Is it Friday? Should I do it Friday? Ooh, already? Well, I mean, are we doing it or not? Because I'm, I'm ready.

Sandra: Me too. I have a wig on my head and I'm totally ready. Well,

Dan: tomorrow, okay, no, today is, hello, today is Friday, so, okay, next Friday, next Friday.

Tomorrow is Saturday and Branding 5 is launching, so that's, that's not cool. And Sunday is too slow, so I could do it. Monday Tuesday. No, not Tuesday. I want to be in the top 10. All right. We've completely exceeded the, the time of the show completely forgot what we're doing. Haven't read an update in 10 minutes.

So very professional. Nice job, Sandra. Thank you, Dan. I will, uh, I will get back to you on the launch later. But for now, what I have to say is thank you everyone for tuning in. Be sure to go to and sign up for the newsletter. Sandra's writing an. Awesome, awesome newsletter. What's in it, Sandra?

Do you want to?

Sandra: In 10 days.

Dan: In 10 days? Yeah. Because you can't ship fast enough or because that's how it works in general? You can't ship fast enough.

Sandra: Yeah, right. Because we love marketing, correct?

Dan: Correct. Because we cannot follow our own advice and just ship the newsletter. All right. Thank you everyone for tuning in.

I had a blast and we'll see you next Monday because today is Friday, I found out.

Sandra: Oh yeah. I love Fridays. Hey, have fun everyone and happy new year and let's rock this 2024. Happy

Dan: new year. Bye.

Sandra: Bye.

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