Sponsor the show

Products featured in our Morning Maker Show will be a central part of the show and community, from the 𝕏 Space & newsletter to our website.

Buddy Tier

Receive dedicated time in our 𝕏 Space & a section in our newsletter. But think of this not just as advertising, but as forming partnerships.


    Over a period of 1 week you'll get

  • 1x share on Dan & Sandra's 𝕏
  • 1x mention in 𝕏 space / podcast
  • 1x Newsletter mention (70% open rate)

Friend Tier
Best value

This tier is all about long-term partnership. We become your product's champions, ensuring it's well-tested and introduced to the community.


    Over a period of 3 months you'll get

  • 1x case study of your product
  • 1x share on Dan & Sandra's 𝕏
  • 10x mention in 𝕏 space / podcast
  • 5x Newsletter mention (70% open rate)

💡 Many of our sponsors choose to build a long-term partnership with us, where we embed them in our products and let the community discover them through case studies and real-life wins.
If you are looking for a long-term partnership, please get in touch with us.

We want to embrace friends, family, sponsors, and products we care about. Whether you choose the Buddy or Friend tier, rest assured that all products are carefully filtered, tested, and backed with feedback before we present them to our audience.