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Quit your job, it's the season

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Drumroll, please! It's the first newsletter of 2024. Also, it's been only 6 days into the new year, and so many things have happened: people handing in their 'I quit' cookie, some trying to get back into work mode, fixing landing pages. We might as well call this newsletter 'Two Weeks Notice: but build in public sequel.

So, let's keep it light and dive into the first week of 2024's #buildinpublic.

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@greggilbertme points out that a lot of us might feel trapped in the early days of 2024. His solution? It's straightforward: take action. I completely agree. Avoid overcomplicating things, stick to simplicity, and remember the Nike slogan: 'Just do it'.

It seems to me that Harry doesn't have problems feeling overwhelmed and stuck in 2024 because he is giving us the best landing page tips on copywriting. Yes, yes, yes, and yes. In order to be specific on the landing page, you need to know whom you are targeting; narrowing down your target audience is the key to good copy. Now, what Harry is suggesting is that once you know whom you are targeting, write the copy that delves into the details of the problem. Take a look and learn.

Now, João is raising a very important question: when is the right time to charge your customers? We have seen in the community that many people, in order to validate their idea, start charging with only a landing page, with no product in sight.

However, João took his time; after a few months, and after his plugin was installed on more than 340 websites, he started charging for it.

From my personal experience with Klu, we added pricing from day one. The reason for that was because the initial pricing is usually way off the mark, so in order to test the right pricing and find the right balance, we introduced it in the beginning. So, my advice is always to start with pricing as soon as possible, first to validate the idea but also to test the pricing.

But now, as I mentioned at the beginning, we need a proper tutorial on how to leave a job in two weeks: get an idea, build a product, get a few sign-ups, and send an email to your boss with the subject line starting something like 'SEE YOU LATER ALLIGATOR!'

Just kidding, don't take this advice. I have many better ideas, but we won't talk about that now. Let's get the right approach on how to leave your job. A pure example is Sebastian.

Sebastian has been an extremely active member of the community, and he has worked really hard on his project. What Sebastian did correctly, and what we can learn from, is that he decided to quit his job and fully commit to his project once he achieved his goals and the growth on his app. So, don't rush into this side and quit your job if you don't have a nice runway to support yourself because this journey is tough, growth is challenging, and there are too many moments where you might want to quit before even starting. But chase your dreams because no one else will do it for you. You legend.

When I said a few people in the community left their jobs, I wasn't joking...

Okay, one more, and that's it.

Alright, let's bring this to a close. And before we part, a quick note: if you're feeling stuck and uncertain about how to kick off 2024, remember to 'Just do it.' Dive in without overthinking.

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