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What is indie, emotions and gifts

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Morning Maker Show

Okay, everyone, I'll keep this brief and steer clear of emotions and motivational speeches. It's the last day of 2023, and you've made it through; you're truly legendary. Buckle up because Rudolph — I mean, Dan — is ready to fire up the engines. Also I love you — just kidding, I said, no emotions today!

Missed the show? Listen to episode 7 here 🎙️

There's something magical about the word 'indie.' Growing up, all our parents wanted was for us to become independent individuals, responsible yet wild, running around the world chasing dreams. I mean, not that wild; and I don't think they wanted us roaming the world but more like just paying our rent and bills on time. They didn't expect us to build our own stuff, chase our dreams, or run a 24-hour marathon but on Product Hunt. And look at us now; we have created our own definition of 'indie-pendent' while still paying our rent.

So let's get back to business. Jussi Kemppainen reminded us about the sweet essence of indie games powered by AI.

He showed us a demo on how AI tools can help solo developers create games, and it's freaking magical. Do take a look at it. I'm so proud to have a front-row seat to the future. I'm trying not to get emotional, but it's hard not to shed a tear of happiness.

From Jussi and indie games changing the world, we move to the one and only Momentum, Igor.

Igor doesn't know how to stop, and it's fantastic to witness. He's ensuring all of our products have a proper help center. Thank you, Igor! And yes, it's time for you to return to full-time Twitter posting because we miss you!

And about that update from @mubashariqbal — you're going to freakin' love it.

He has a plan for the next year (and I hope you do too). He's going to clone popular apps and share the process with us all. Mubs, if you manage to create a slack-free version that doesn't delete any messages, count me in as your first customer. The morning maker show subscribers are my witnesses.

I've decided against what I said about not being an emotional, motivational and keeping things simple. I can't. Because it's the last day of 2023. And this year has been one of the most important years for my growth.

Now, one of the main reasons for this was just you. Not Steve Jobs, or the guy who renamed Twitter to X. But you. You showing up every day, building things, teaching me about your mistakes so I don't repeat mine. Freaking Dan (who I am not sure is alive because he is so sick with a bad cold, yet he still did the morning maker show), Philipp, Dmytro, or even Stef, who goes out drinking, strides through the streets of England, and comes back to build. So here I am, raising a glass to all of us — the quirkiest, the nerds, the misfits. I love you all and wish us the best year ever. We've curated a few great products with fantastic discounts, all from our community. Friends and family, let's make 2024 outstanding!

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Morning Maker Show Flower

Stay cool, keep using #buildinpublic, and until next time, it's Sandra and Dan, signing off.

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