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Episode 35 of Morning Maker Show: Dentists, Emails & Secrets - A Maker's Monday

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In this episode, Dan and Sandra explore the latest updates from the indie maker community, including an AI companion for dentists, a Chrome plugin for creating guides, and a platform for launching AI products without code. They also discuss the importance of email marketing, the struggles of pricing strategies, and Sandra's mysterious secret project that she can't reveal just yet.

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A Mysterious Start: Unraveling the Intrigue

Sandra: Send them an email, ask why, hunt them, find their home address, knock on their doors.

Dan: I'm really scared of, of, of you, Sandra.

Dan: Good morning, Sandra.

Sandra: Good morning, my lovely Dan. I thought something happened.

Dan: Something did happen.

Sandra: As it's supposed to happen. Yeah.

Dan: It was fantastic.

Tech Troubles and Monday Musings

Dan: So already very professional setup. Then you say, let's, let's go in. I look at the phone and app just crashed in front of me and I am not in the Twitter space anymore.

And then the sound just goes away. And I have to restart some stuff. I have to reconnect some stuff. I have to read me as a host in some places. All good. All good. No, no stress. It's Monday morning. How are you today?

Sandra: Excellent. Excellent. I was a little bit stressed because I was late. And then I was like, okay, we have everything under control.

And then I saw your face. And it's so funny, because now everyone will see your face trying to trying to fix things.

Dan: On, on, on YouTube.

Dan: How is YouTube going, Sandra? How do you like it?

Sandra: Listen to me, Dan. Um, I'm done with TikTok. I'm done with YouTube. I'm, I'm just joking. I love it. It's kind of a little bit addicted.

Um, but I found the flow.

Dan: Okay. So what's the, what's the secret?

Sandra: Um, so you do the shorts. So you, you know, either Lera, Lera has an excellent product so you can cut the shorts, blah, blah, blah. And then I schedule all the shorts and I push them to TikTok and I push them to YouTube shorts. We are talking only about shorts, but then there's YouTube, this whole concept.

And then now I'm testing, um, our, Thumbnails.

Dan: Okay. So that you, you found the content that works. Maybe.

Sandra: I think I understand what people like on TikTok. So people like when you're smart, when you talk smart things, um, about like apps and languages and things like that. And then people like when we are silly, everything.

It doesn't work.

Dan: Okay. So TikTok figure out YouTube is work in progress. Yes. Got it.

The TikTok Dilemma: Monetization Challenges

Dan: Um, I actually, I actually had the question with TikTok. Like, can you, or do you know, can you monetize it? The same as you do with YouTube. Like if you get a lot of views, do they do revenue share or something like that?

Sandra: I think so.

But you and me are in problem because both of our countries, Finland and Denmark are not the countries you can, um, like in order for them, you need to build a business on Tik Tok. And in order to build a business, you need to register a company on Tik Tok. And in order to register the company, you have to have a country.

And both of us, are bad in that. Without

Dan: the country, yeah.

Sandra: Yes.

Dan: Okay, got it, got it. Complicated stuff, complicated stuff. All right.

Family Discoveries and Digital Explorations

Dan: You wanted to tell me something very important.

Sandra: And now I

Dan: forgot. So then it wasn't that important.

Sandra: Oh, it was important. My mother found us on TikTok, and that was an interesting concept because she sent me a message last night on Viber, and I don't know if anyone using Viber anymore, but it's a big thing with, um, it's It's like a Facebook for WhatsApp, I dunno.

And then, um,

Dan: what , it's like

Sandra: WhatsApp. We use WhatsApp or iMessages, I dunno. Or we use Instagram, but older people use Facebook. And my mother use Viber. So I compare that to things. Anyway, she sends me a last night, um, a tick tock and she's like, what is this? And then blah, blah, blah. Then she was like, I had to explain to her the podcast and then Spotify.

And it went all the way to Apple podcast. I mean, it was a mess, but she said that we have lovely voices then.

Dan: Oh, she's so sweet. She's so sweet. So she approved of your work, finally?

Sandra: Um, no. She will never approve. She told you to

Dan: get a job.

Sandra: No, no, no. She will never approve. There is in her head lawyers, doctors, medical staff, um, economy, and

Dan: Nokia people.

Sandra: And Nokia people. Everything else is out of the

Dan: And you're neither of those. Oh my God. Well, it's not too late to become a doctor.

Sandra: Oh, come on. I, the only reason I do marketing is because you can't kill anyone.

Dan: Well, depends on the product. True. All right. Well, I'm happy to, I'm happy to see you. I think this week is going to be Extremely exciting for me.

I'm going to release things. Thank God. Oh, thank God. Yes. And I'm, I'm, I'm like a kid on Christmas. I can't wait to, to release it. It's just like, I want to get it out, but there's still some work to do, but I want to get it out. Super excited about this week. What about you?

Sandra: Um, I'm super excited about this week as well.

I have some meetings today that I have been preparing for.

The Secret Project Tease: A Community's Curiosity

Sandra: Um, I have that secret about glue that I cannot talk about. What is the secret? I told you I signed the things and don't never sign the things. Never sign them, especially if you are a person that can't keep secrets. But then you are also a doll that has to keep secrets.

It's so annoying. Um, but yeah, it's an exciting week. It's Monday and

Dan: I'm sorry, but I thought this is a community where we share everything that there is no secrets between us. Did I misunderstand this?

Sandra: Okay, then I'll go and make GoFundMe. So if we manage to raise money, um, for the lawyers, if they sue me or something like that, then, then, then it's all good.

On Friday, I tell all the secrets.

Dan: Okay. Okay. It's a deal. It's a deal on Friday. You're, you're going to reveal the secrets on the show? I'm scared to say.

All right. All right. I won't push you, but you cannot have secrets with this community. We share everything. Okay. That's, those are the rules. I didn't make the rules.

Sandra: True. And I see Matthias is listening to us. So it means that he's also a lawyer.

Dan: Get you out of that contract, finally. All right.

Dan: I bought a domain, Sandra. Did I, I told you earlier. So there's these, these, you know, uh, I bought dash, someone said, and then someone said, I bought triangle. com, com or co. And then I was like, well, let me, let me buy zero. cash because that's what you'll have from buying all these useless domains.

So. Uh, and I got, you can, you cannot get zero, obviously, because that's gone, but you can get the O, which no one knows what this is, if you're not from the Nordics, but there's this O with a slash through it, right, which kind of looks like a zero, if you, if you look from afar, and that was free, so I got zero.

cache, um, or O. cache, no one can also write it, so you can only go to my Twitter and see how it looks, and I'm, I'm actually, you know, I'm actually very surprised that was free. I don't know what to do with it. I think it's just a joke, but it cost me 10. So would you say it's worth it?

Sandra: Absolutely. It's worth it because I think we can make my page there and collect the money for the lawyers.

Dan: That's what you'll have if you spill the secret. All right. You know, we got a lot of, we got a lot of, uh, subscribers on Spotify and, you know, people tuning in. And you know what I think? I think a lot of people are listening and they, they never really caught the first episodes when we explained the concept.

So maybe later in the episode, you know, if for rewarding these people listening, we're going to re explain the concept as we see it today, because it has changed from when we started, right? It has changed a little bit. I mean, the core is still there, but it has changed. What do you think about that?

Sandra: I have no idea how to explain what we are doing.

Dan: Do you know? That's why I said we do it later so you have time to think about it.

Sandra: Okay, good. Now I feel pressure. I need to prepare in the same time while reading the post. Okay, I'm on it, Dan.

Dan: Let's go.

Sandra: Okay. Give me some updates to read.

Dan: Let's do updates. So you see, you start to remember what we do on the show.

We, we, we see updates from the community, Sandra.

Community Updates: Showcasing Innovations

Dan: That's what we do so first one by Kevin, you want to take it?

Sandra: Yes. Kevin O'Doar, um, shipped a new one page website for Nia. Made significant changes on copy, social proof, visuals, call to action, benefits and features, mobile optimization, and analytics integration.

Oh, he's all in.

Dan: Asknia. com, he's all in now. The AI companion for dentists. Wow. See, I love when you have, You know, these cross products that involves, you know, an industry that's not traditionally very high tech. I mean, okay, there's some high tech in the hardware of dentistry, right? But not IT wise, at least my dentist does not.

And when you have these crossovers, I think you have a huge opportunity to be the leader in the market. But that's also very hard because when you're a leader in the market, you have a Everyone thinks you're crazy because you're the only one doing this, if you know what I mean, but this looks very cool.

So it is perhaps. Something that dentists can integrate with. So it says that you can integrate it with your management software, then forward inquiries to Nia, Naya, I'm not sure how you say it, and then you can customize them and it's maybe it's like a customized chatbot for, for dentists. It's freaking awesome.

Sandra: I love it. I love it. And I fully agree with the things you said when there is this going into the markets that are not so specifically into tech and then building something for them. I like it.

Dan: It's good. Do you enjoy going to the dentist?

Sandra: No, but you have, very important, um, I have my dentist reminding me whenever it's like a few months when you need to go to checkups or do things.

Dan: Do you go every few months? Well,

Sandra: no. Yeah.

Dan: I recently had, uh.

Sandra: They do call me though.

Dan: Did they call you?

Sandra: Yeah, yeah, yeah. They call me.

Dan: And ask for money or

Sandra: yeah, well, they tell me all you need to come and then and then there is a money and

Dan: then there is a transaction involved.

Sandra: Well,

Dan: yeah, I think, you know, they're great.

They're doing they're doing important work. I just don't like going to the dentist and I had a horrible surgery earlier this year.

So, but maybe I can use this app instead and then I don't have to go, that's my, you know, the, like, I told you, I'm a bit of an introvert and like my, my dream is to do everything through an app. I don't need to really go somewhere and create content. You know, interact with people.

Sandra: Oh,

Dan: strange, right?

Sandra: You are, you are a little weird though.

I love it. But, um, I, last time I went to my dentist, the lady was so funny. She really, she's not an introvert. She loves to talk, but she was talking while she was, there was multiple things in my mouth and she was talking about new movies and then the only thing I could do is like, Uh huh. Uh huh. I didn't understand the concept of like why she's even talking to me.

Dan: Like what's

Sandra: the point?

Dan: I hate that. Yeah, I hate it. It was the same. So when I had the surgery I had this big thing in my mouth, but also Probably drugs for days and the guy was telling me like, Oh, uh, how is this field? How does that feel? And I tried to speak. I really tried, but nothing came out. It was just like, why do you keep asking me things?

I cannot speak. And then after the surgery, it was even worse. I think the drugs kicked in. Then, and he was giving me instructions of what to do. And I couldn't even say, yes, I understand. It's just like, I was nodding the head. Like, can you do this? Just completely disabled. So they have great power. And he's done this great power.

Sandra: Yeah. And look at them now with the AI, they're going to crash the market.

Dan: We're all going to invest in big dentistry company. Fantastic. All right. Next one by from odd. MotionShot, the Chrome plugin is published on the store, gonna make it feature rich slowly. I like the rich word, it's good, it's thick, you know, it's, it's, I love it.

Now, just walk through any process on Chrome, and it captures and makes a guide that you can edit and embed on your web pages. 7 per month or 79 per year, pretty good pricing. So, there is obviously no link to it, because that's, That's the rule now. I think we're just the only weirdos that put links in the comments.

I know, I've seen MotionShot. So it's to create guides once and use everywhere, he says. And you can make guides for products, internal tools, step by step. Processing and then export them to a video and then you're good to go. So it's a little bit like a screen recording, but with enhanced editing capability.

So after you record, you can add screenshots, it seems, and steps and, you know, add, uh, maybe a bit like Screen Studio. Like when you add certain elements to or zoom in and zoom out and all that stuff.

Sandra: Oh, this looks interesting. Did you try it?

Dan: I haven't tried it yet. I haven't tried it, but I've seen it around.

I've seen there's a bit of hype around. Oh,

Sandra: the good pricing.

Dan: Very good pricing.

Sandra: There is a free option, 7 per month or 79 per year. Yeah.

The Pricing Puzzle: Strategies and Suggestions

Dan: I actually have a suggestion here.

And I've, I've struggled with pricing, but you should first write that there's a discount clearly for the yearly one, because it's like, there's like a small thing that's cut out, but you should write it big, you know, this much off first of all, and then second of all, I'll do, if it's seven per month, and then maybe instead of seven, nine per years, five per month, if you, if you have the yearly selected, so you compare it.

Okay. You know, the same, the same numbers, because now it feels like, okay, the yearly one is like a big commitment. The monthly one is not, but if you do the yearly is 5 per month, you still end up at the same thing, but then people can easily understand, Oh, this is a good deal. And it's not, uh, do you agree?

Sandra: Yeah. I'm explaining

Dan: a marketing to you, to you, and I feel really bad, so

Sandra: I'm sorry. No, no, no. You're absolutely right. Seven euros feels like a good, good deal compared to 79 if it was like 15 and then 79 per year.

Dan: Mm-Hmm.

Sandra: like, okay, I'm taking this 79.

Dan: Yeah. I also think if you, if you do per month, then when you switch between year and month, you, you still keep the per month if, if that's how you do it.

Sandra: Yeah. And I also love the free version as well, because there's only two guides. Mm-Hmm. . So there is ability for users to, um, adjust to the product, love the product, and then you cut them. And then you're like, okay, you had enough fun. Now it's time to pay.

Dan: Yeah, there's a, there's a big discussion going on with trials.

Have you seen it? You know, some people say I turned off trials and it didn't really change conversion and I got less support. And some people say I turned on trials and now I have 30 percent more conversions, but not immediately, but maybe in the next month, like slowly increasing conversions, probably highly specific on the type of product.

Sandra: Yeah, I don't know. I, maybe it's just the background where I'm coming from. I'm very used to freemiums and. So I, I like it. I also understand why it doesn't work for every product or why people see the better conversion after it. Um, but as a user, it gives me ability to try and test the product before committing to the product.

Dan: Yeah, that's a, that's it as a user. I like it.

Sandra: Yeah,

Dan: I like it a lot. But as a maker, I, I'm not a big fan because you can also have, depending on how you do it, you can also have, so, so promote here has two free guides, right?

And what's stopping me from making a hundred accounts and just keep doing the two guides over and over again, like you cannot really, you know, stop people from taking advantage. That's one thing. And, and, It's probably not something you worry about initially, but if your product grows at some point, there will be people doing that.

And then the other thing is, to me, maybe this is my personal take. It's difficult to validate if a product is actually a good, if there's a good product market fit, if you have this free option. So I have this on Kranta, but I think I've passed 500 users and a lot of them are, or most of them, not a lot of them, the majority are on the free plan where they get three schedules, right?

And then there's some paying ones, but I have no idea, is this good? Is this bad? 500 is a good number. But if I had 500 paying ones, that would be a completely different story. Yeah. Then I'd just do that one, right? So yeah, those are my thoughts.

Sandra: Well, cut it. Let's test it. Let's do it this week.

Dan: Cut the pricing.

I thought about that, but how do you deal and you keep it free for the existing users or what?

Sandra: Well, you message them, you email them that for, from the next month,

Dan: you need to

Sandra: pay this, yeah, this, and this will be a paid one. If they have built certain flows on it, you have to have a conversation with them, with them, how, how you're going to charge them for sure.

But that's also like a discovery process for you.

Dan: Aren't they going to call me an idiot and cancel?

Sandra: Well, probably. But you didn't lost much.

Dan: Okay, yeah, true. Well, my, my honor and self esteem, but yeah, there's not much of that left anyway.

Sandra: Get over that easily. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Dan: Okay, cool. Next one by Jeremy.

Jeremy? Jeremy or, I mean, there's a thing on top and I, I probably don't know how to read this. How do you think it's, give me your take.

Sandra: Jeremy?

Dan: Correct. That's correct. Great. Do you want to take it?

Sandra: Yeah. Uh, new idea for a small project I could build. And offer to hashtag build in public community for free.

Surprise is coming now! No, no, no. I wanted to know what it's, you

Dan: cannot

Sandra: you like for a small project I could build. Oh, come on. What is it? Uh,

Dan: it's, it's just a teaser. At least a screenshot. Jeremy. I promise if you put a screenshot, I'll, I'll learn how to say your name.

Oh boy.

Sandra: But I can't.

The Big Reveal: What's This Show All About?

Dan: Sandra, did you think about what this show is in the meantime? Can you explain it? Can you explain it now?

Sandra: Okay, I'll explain it now. Every Monday and Friday we come together and we hunt great products on YouTube. Hashtag building public.

Sandra: We remind people how and where to put their links.

We support great makers in our newsletter, on our tweets. We follow the process of building, um, launching, um, growing, and we celebrate makers even if you fail or you succeed.

Dan: That's beautiful. Thank you. That's beautiful. What can I add? What can I add?

Guest Insights and the Magic of SEO

Dan: Oh, we have guests sometimes.

Sandra: Oh, yes. We have amazing guests that talk about their experience and how they build or fail or succeed.

Dan: We should have a guest soon. You know what I realized with Ilya? He's one of the Morning Maker Show members. Um, if you're A guest or if you're a sponsor, even of the show, you get a backlink from Google, which is 92 domain ranking as it's a, it's Google, right? It's a pretty good backlink and there do follow back links.

It's like a major hack. So when, when I publish the show notes for on Spotify, I can include as many links as a month. So I do, I do include them, so, so you're not going to believe it. So I put all my stuff there as well. Uh, oh, did I put Clue?

Sandra: You did, because I was checking our backlinks and I found, um, Morning Mix.

Oh, and I was like, what is this?

Dan: Okay, okay, yeah. Oh, yeah, there's a lot of those. You keep talking about Clue every single episode. I'm sick of it. Okay, so, no, no, I'm not. So. Pro tip, you, you can get a really nice backlink and well, they, they get picked up by Google podcast, right? That's how they go. And that's the domain is podcast.

google. com and yeah, Illy got it. He was like, is it, is it a do follow? Is that true? Cause, cause usually they, you know, they, well, it is a do follow, a very good backlink. So that's a reason to sponsor. Maybe we should put this in the, on the website. It's a good reason to sponsor. Best backlinks you can get.

All right. Uh, there's, there's, there's another teaser, but I think this show is about teasers. It's all, it's all teasing people. Okay. So Aaron is saying coming soon. A new platform to help founders get funded, one pitch at a time. He has a very cool, almost one minute video here, with uh, I mean, it's pretty good, you should, you should look at it.

There's um, I actually don't understand the scope of it, cause he showed you can build pricing tables, I know what to do with the pricing tables. It looks cool.

Sandra: Yeah, it looks like, um, you submit your company there.

Dan: Yeah, so I think you, you submit it and then you can add videos, you can add testimonials and your pricing and maybe some, oh, you tell me, charts.

Some charts VCs love to look at. VCs love the charts, right? Yeah. The pivot tables.

Sandra: Oh, they're really into that.

Dan: They really love the pivot tables. Yeah, yeah. Very cool. Very cool.

Dan: Sandra, did you, did you prepare the sponsor for the show?

Sandra: Uh, I mean, okay. I, I wrote a tweet last night that we need to call our sponsors differently because I really vibe with these guys.

We have, I don't know if we were Or what, what happened when we got these amazing people sponsoring the show? Um, but today's sponsor is email octopus. And I mean, I, I, I wrote it last night, like all of the sponsors that are With us and making this show happen are actually the products that are very valuable for the community.

So email octopus is just whenever you are ready to build your email list, newsletters, email automations. These guys are brilliant. They are also bootstrapping company. I've been crying about Mailchimp for so long, and I'm so over them. Um, so, use email octopus. It's, it's a brilliant product. I use it for every single, um, email when it comes to Morning Maker Show and the newsletter.

So, highly recommend.

Dan: Someone was asking on our Morning Maker Show discord, If there is a service where you can collect emails and so on. And I just said, well, why don't you put email octopus? You put like two code snippets cause they have an API and just throw this on an input and that's it. You don't need like yet another service that collects it and then another one to send emails and so on.

So that's super cool. We have it on, uh, 100 on a morning maker show and I'm going to add it everywhere because it's so easy to add. So,

Sandra: yeah. And I also want to say the pricing is excellent.

Dan: Like, well, we don't pay a dime yet.

Sandra: That's true. They are like, so full, especially for the indie makers and just.

Starting out people like this is an excellent excellent pricing. You don't have to pay

Dan: I like yeah, it's a good pricing. It's free, Sandra. There's no pricing for us I think we we start paying when we get some thousands of subscribers or what?

Sandra: Yeah, it depends like but it's still the numbers compared to MailChimp is so much better I have been crying about MailChimp for too long.


Dan: you want to take the next one?

Innovative Products and Community Support

Sandra: Yes Lava A blogger, um, get songs based on your task name, description and duration. Currently working on swifty DJ on swift ask my daily planner app. Wait a minute. Get songs based on your task name. Send me the link.

Dan: Uh, I have some bad news. That's the good news and some bad news.

There is no link. There is nothing in there. No, actually, I don't have any good news at all. It's just bad news. It's just, there is no link. But maybe it's, it's work in progress, right? Maybe there is no link. So Laval here says he's an iOS developers. Maybe he didn't really get to the website part yet. Maybe it's not really the part that he enjoys doing anyway.

But this looks super cool. So you. You can kind of get playlists on the fly. So imagine this, you, you wake up in the morning and then you think, okay, what do I do now? I need to go for feedback, right? And you're, and you're right. Give me a playlist for going for customer feedback and you get like this heavy metal.

Sandra: Exactly. Hard rock. Hallelujah. I will not help you in this case. It's

Dan: a really cool idea.

Sandra: Brilliant. I love it. We need the link. We need to follow up with these people. I think, um, anytime we find this interesting product that are not yet out, we should put them in Notion so we can come back at some point to, to them and see what's the, what's the growth and what's the process.


Dan: that's a brilliant idea. That's a brilliant idea. Yeah, we should go. We did get the message. I didn't have time to reply from one of the people featured on the show, and said, hey, you featured my product at some point, and now it's launched. Do you want to check it out? I thought that's so cool.

Sandra: Yeah, yeah.

I am actually using it right now.

Dan: Oh, really? Yeah. But do you know what I found?

The Art of Communication and Building Customer Relations

Dan: And it's, it's kind of strange to me, but I found that no one, absolutely no one knows that you can do group messages on X or Twitter.

Sandra: So true. So listen to these people. Um, Dan has this, um, whenever there is some kind of conversation that is around morning maker show or the sponsorship or whatever, he puts people into groups on Twitter.

So I can also be involved in the conversation. Every single time he does that, people are like, OMG, I didn't know you can make a group.

Dan: Yeah, or we get the same message, both of us. Like, you can see that the person was like, okay, how do I tell both? Or how do I decide which to contact? Okay, I'll just send the same DM to each of them.

And then we send screenshots. And it's like, wait, I received this as well. That's strange. So yeah, you can definitely do groups. They're, they're not good. But you could do them. I cannot find anything in those messages ever, so.

Sandra: But it's a cool option.

Dan: Philippe says in the chat, I love how Sandra just stays being Sandra.

Sandra: What?

Dan: Oh, perfect, perfect. That was.

Sandra: I, I take that as a compliment.

Dan: No, let's move on. Matias said he was a former law trainee. And there is a reason he doesn't do that anymore. So if you need help with your getting out of your contract, I think it's maybe not something he enjoys doing anymore.

Sandra: With Prada Kant.

Dan: Yes.

Sandra: He might not enjoy it, but I do. Yeah,

Dan: he'll do it. He's a nice guy. Final update.

Sandra: Final update. Jai. Oh my God, Dan, I hate us. We need to learn every single language on this planet so we can read these updates. Anyway, just launched 4Me5 Flow yesterday and I got 15 users. Exciting start. Notice some users love, uh, lose interest after signing up.

Likely due to For onboarding, what's next to working on, on onboarding process, video tutorials and articles to help users dive in smoothly.

Dan: I will just comment underneath, you know, what I'm going to comment, right?

Sandra: There is the link.

Dan: Don't say it. Don't say it. Don't say people have to find this update for me, flow. com. Forms for everyone who needs limits anyway. So create unlimited, beautiful notion forms. Oh, this sounds familiar. It sounds familiar,

Sandra: really, from, from the

Dan: OTC. Yeah, maybe, but this one looks super polished right now. So maybe we found it in an early state.

So unlock form customization, database branding, general settings with a builder, submit actions, success message, analytics, analytics. Cool. Do analytics. Kind of analytics. Um, very cool. You're a notion, you're a notion person. How does this sound to you as a value proposition?

Sandra: Oh, now I remember. We did this update on this product.

Dan: Mm hmm.

Sandra: Yeah, it connects with your database in Notion.

Dan: You're a lot more excited today than last time.

Sandra: Yeah, why? I don't know, but, um, I should definitely try it.

Dan: Hey, the website, the website looks very good.

Sandra: Yeah.

Dan: Very good.

Sandra: Such a good product in the community. Such a good product. Yeah, I agree, I agree.

Dan: Please try this one.

I don't know the first thing about Notion. I did this thing in Notion, and that's because of Philippe. I was going through his SEO Kickstarter to add hunted space, to increase the domain ranking. And, One of the tips there was to make a Notion page and to publish it. Did you know about this? A

Sandra: Notion page and to publish it, no.

Dan: Yeah, because then you get like,

Sandra: Yeah.

Dan: Blah blah blah dot Notion dot com that points to your domain. Right. He's clever, this Philippe. So, anyway, I was, I was doing that for such a page, and then I thought, Well, why don't I just do a here are my projects kind of page so that I can put every single link and it doesn't look too suspicious.

I hope I don't know maybe maybe Tell me later if I really did an oopsie and google's gonna hate me But yeah, I did that and I put the links and then Let's see what happens with my, uh, with my SEO, Sandra, let's do some work. No, no, no,

Sandra: no, no, no

Dan: work.

Let's do one more update just because, just because I enjoy talking to you.

Sandra: Yes. Yes. One more update. Oh, we haven't done olive. Let's see what olive is

Dan: doing. Oh, we'll do olive. Okay.

Exploring New Platforms and AI Opportunities

Dan: Okay. We haven't had olive in a long time.

Sandra: Olive says there is nothing quite like instant free trial truth.

Dan: That's not one of the

Sandra: good ones.


Dan: a positive note. Okay, so she has an animated GIF where a teddy bear falls off a scooter and possibly dies. And in the background, three notifications, someone canceled the subscription. No, someone purchased the, I'm actually not sure what the order is, but someone purchased, someone paid, and then someone immediately canceled the subscription.

I guess that's the order. No, but we cannot end on this now.

Sandra: It's a flow we have to deal with. Olive, you are brilliant. I love the animation. It's just the thing we have to deal with.

Dan: It's good. It's good. I actually, I've actually. Almost did this email thing that you asked me. So Sandra told me, why don't you send people emails? Why don't you, you know, you need to send people emails. You need the flow. And I was thinking, but why? I mean, they, they got the product, they can use it. They have the documentation and why should I send an email Sandra?

Sandra: It's a constant struggle with me and Dan and the emails. Um, this is not the first time we started with Hunted Space. We are continuing now with Shipixen. I mean, it's so important. And you're also in, like, very early stage of figuring out who are these users and how they are using the product. Um, and even though they bought the product and they see it fit in their workflow, you need to understand who they are so you can target the same people.

And their workflows.

Dan: And also try to build customer relations, I guess, which I'm not too good at. I mean, you, you do that all the time. You, you talk, but not only emails. Do you usually jump on a call? Right. Yeah, I, I need the Sandra,

Sandra: but most of these things you can, you can automate, you know, and then jumping on the call is the next stage for the users that are really engaged with the product and wants the product to work for them.

And it's an excellent opportunity for you to also build. So even though we don't like these type of the calls, if you turn it around and kind of like fix it in your head that it's actually helping you. And you want to screen the most information you need. Then it's much easier to jump on these calls and have a conversation with people.

Dan: Is there an app I can use that does this for me?

Sandra: It's called, um, sandra.

Dan: ai. Okay. I'm buying that domain. Well, we cannot end on this. Olive, you're going to get 10 more customers because of this. Um, you know, that's, it's karma, so you're going to turn it around. Yeah. Please take, take a positive one, Sandra.

Please take another update. You're welcome.

Sandra: Oh, another update. Yes. Give me a second. 300 MRR Adita timeline launched pay me form December 30th, 2023 started monetizing it on January 20 made 200 on on March 15 already. March, April 7th, there is 300 in MRR beautifully done. Dan,

Dan: you kind of, yeah, but you kind of read 70 percent of it.

So, okay. It's pretty, pretty, it's a, it's a mouthful, the name. So it is. Pay me for my AI. The full thing. I think you kind of, at pay me for, you were already like, I'm out of here. I'm checking out. I thought it was form. Yes, yes. Yeah, yeah. You, you said pay me for, uh, whatever. Let's just continue with the update.

So it's, it's, uh, pay me for my AI. I would maybe try to make a shorter name for this app, but, Yes, launch and monetize custom AI apps without code in minutes. There you go.

Sandra: Launch your AI product in minutes without the code.

Dan: Yeah.

Sandra: Sounds interesting.

Dan: I mean, it's a, it's a, why not? Why not? Everything you need to start earning from AI, payment dashboard, app hosting, design analytics.

Sandra: Wait, what is this?

Dan: Well, you can build AI apps, Sandra. Yeah. Without the code. So one example is, uh, short video generator, or?

Sandra: I can build myself.

Dan: That's what it says.

Sandra: Ah. Check out the link.

Dan: So here are some apps, VinoBot, uh, probably wine related. Mm hmm. Logo. That's pretty cool. Dali, well, that's probably trademarked.

I used to build logos for you. Um, product scan, submit an image, and get the ingredients. Quality. Yeah.

Sandra: Do you remember I said that? It's a brilliant idea. I take a picture of my fridge, and I make a dinner from it.

Dan: Interesting. Yeah, that could be it. That could be it. But yeah, it's, it's about the platform.

Cool idea.

Sandra: We need to,

Dan: we need to try this out.

Sandra: Yes. Give us the link. We need an ocean page of cool products. We need to try.

Dan: I'll put the link in the comments while you close the show off.

Sandra: I know, I know, I know.

Wrapping Up with Updates and Goodbyes

Sandra: Um, ladies and gentlemen, thank you all for listening. Um, we wish you a happy Monday, all the episodes.

You can listen to them on Spotify and Apple podcasts. Um, you can check out our morningmakershow. com website. You will find amazing sponsors. You will find amazing episodes and all the newsletters as well. Um, we are testing YouTube and TikTok, so you can also see us doing this, which is quite fun. Um, we have a lot of breakdowns and crashes and weird faces.

Um, and have a lovely freaking week.

Dan: I'm speechless. As per usual, it's 9. 9 out of 10. You can always improve. Thank

Sandra: you.

Dan: Say hi to your mom. Have an amazing week. Thank you, Sandra. Let's get some work done.

Sandra: Let's, let's do the work related things. Anyway.

Dan: Meetings.

Sandra: Yes.

Dan: Thank you everyone for joining. Bye.

Sandra: Bye bye.

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