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You won't believe it, but it's all about basketball

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Morning Maker Show

I am watching my brother's basketball game and it got me thinking: in the game of life and indie making, nobody's meant to dribble solo down the court. Here's my thinking: flying solo is a no-go.

We all need that all-star pass to slam dunk our way to victory but how does a solo maker win in the NBA of products?

Picture this: you're on the court, the clock's ticking, and here comes Jokic. Who you gonna call? Not the Ghostbusters, but your squad: me, Dan, Charlie, Greg, Joao.

Morning Maker Show community

But now, let's get serious. Why did we ever think that indie making is as lonely as flying solo? Or is it a mistaken perception and I need to uncover the truth about?

Let's take a look at some of the biggest indie makers in the community: Levelsio, Marc, Sveta, Dan (not mine, the other Dan). When you look at their projects or posts, you'll find them supporting each others.

Even though they're considered indie makers, they're not truly alone. They have a team—friends, fellow makers—that gives them feedback, boosts their posts, provides ideas, and maybe even collaborates on projects with them. They are not alone.

So, if you're a solo maker starting this journey and you see these amazing big makers, don't think they've been on this journey alone. They do have a support system. It's not necessarily that they have employees they hired (even though that is changing now), but they have a support system.

This is where the story about basketball and my brother comes into play.

Whether you're building a project targeting indie makers or aiming for a wider audience, you can't do it all alone, and that's totally fine.

You need help from a designer, you need help with marketing, SEO, you freaking need backlinks, ideas, and feedback. You can't do this alone.

The sooner we accept this reality, the sooner we can start searching for the community and people that are ready to help, to be a support system.

This realization stems from the approach we have in the Morning Maker Show. We understand this concept, that building alone is hard, and we need to help each other in order to make it. And this isn't about being vulnerable; it's about being real. So go out into the world and find your team, find your players to pass that ball to when Jokic is running towards you.

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Morning Maker Show Flower

As we draw this newsletter to a close, remember that we're not just your teammates; we're your secret playbook.

So, slide into the Morning Maker Show community because I'm ready to hunt your product; Lera's got video ready; Alex is waiting to roast your designs; and we're all lined up to shower you with the of feedback.

Sandra and Dan.

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