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Episode 34 of Morning Maker Show: Easter eggs.

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In this episode, Dan and Sandra dive into the latest updates from indie makers building in public. They discuss the power of Twitter for product reach, the challenges of Chrome extensions, and the importance of community in indie making. Along the way, they share laughs and insights on pricing strategies, UI libraries, and more.

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Dan: Good morning, Sandra. Good morning, Dan. How are you this fine, absolutely fine winter morning in Finland?

Dan: Well, Christmas is coming, I have to tell you, and it's really lovely to see.

I'm unpacking my Christmas tree, putting all the ornaments on it. Collecting the presents, everything is ready. Taking the lights out, decorations, everything. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I might even cook. I'm going to make a Christmas cake or something like that. That's beautiful. When is Santa coming? Um, I, I, I don't think he's still got the memo, but someone should send him.

And I've been very good this year in the like past four months, so I deserve a lot. You have, you have.


Dan: Especially in the show. I mean, who can ask for a better co host, to be honest.

Sandra: That's very true. That's very true for you. I mean, you are my, I'm not talking about myself.

Dan: You will usually do this like very juicy compliments at the end of the show, but now we started full on with the juicy compliments.

Sandra: Um, you are the best Dan ever.

Dan: Thank you. Well, I would say you're the best Sandra ever. I mean, I, I don't know if I know another Sandra, but you're at the best anyway. The few Dans I know. I know. You are the best one. . Okay. I appreciate it.

Weekly Recap and Upcoming Projects

Dan: How was this week? What did you do? Did you ship things? Did you not ship things?

Hmm. Oh. It's been, I cannot believe actually it's Friday already. This week has passed really fast. I don't know. I've been preparing actually this week for the next week, which is quite sad. Um, Been doing, have some group product marketing thing. There's, yeah. Do you do, do you, do you have like a big thing coming up or something else?

Yeah. You do? Yeah, I do. Yeah.

The Mystery of Unsharable News

Dan: And, and do you wanna share it or you don't? I can't. I was told that all of these things cannot be shared. And I don't know how to work like that. Okay, but we should be happy or should we be sad for you? You should be happy. It's good. You should be happy for yourself. There's some cool things.

For myself? Yes, there's some cool things that I cannot talk about. Yeah. About Klu.

Sandra: Yeah.

Dan: That are very cool. But I was told I cannot say anything. Yeah. And I don't know how to work like that. I've been saying everything. I, usually I tell people, don't tell me the things if I cannot say them, because I will say them.

Are, are you the type of person that tells secrets after a few drinks or kind of just asking? If, if, if a person, if it's like a gossip, a good old gossip. Don't tell me if you're planning to save it for something. I don't know

Sandra: if

Dan: it's a relationship. Like if you are friends, of course you can tell me things, but don't tell me if you don't have to tell me.

I'm super reliable, but the most reliable thing is not to share secrets.

Sandra: Yeah. Like we don't have to go through this.

Dan: Fantastic. Well, I will tell you one secret. That you can share with everyone. We are going to read updates today. We're going to finally see what these wonderful makers have been building throughout the week.

Are you ready? Yes. Please give me something. It's all yours. Okay.

Diving into the World of Planks

Dan: Maxim. Oh my God. You know, Dan, what I've realized, I'm sorry, sorry to interrupt all of our, um, bringing to show, but I think I need glasses because I tend to, because now people will see our recordings and the videos and they will see me coming to this camera and trying to read things.

Anyway, Maxim.

Planky is now much more convenient and effective. Completely redesigned home screen and added a more detailed screen. There are many more interesting features to come. So follow me and don't miss it. Hashtag building public. Planky. Planky. Planky without the linky. Planky without the linky. So it's, it's a pretty nice app that shows you, I actually didn't realize there's so many types of planks.

I thought it's kind of, now you see how much I go to the gym. Everyone knows, I thought they're basically two types of planks. It's one when you kind of have the arms stretched or not stretched. No, I mean, but okay. Homework out planky. It's on the app store for 1. I mean, that sounds like a steal to me. You can get plank training and you can increase your plank time gradually, achieving your records and improve your performance.

It's pretty, pretty cool. Um, you know, when, when there was COVID and everyone was working from home, remember that? Yeah, yeah. I remember something called COVID a few years ago. Yeah. Many years ago. Yeah. Everyone was working from home and people were trying to figure out some sort of activities to do team building.

You know, and no one in the beginning, no one really had good ideas, right? It was all sorts of stupid ideas. And one of them, and I actually don't know now in retrospect, it was that stupid or kind of genius. But one of them was to do planks before the standups in the morning. Yeah. And we would have to take our cameras and have a one minute, it was at the time, but I mean, not everyone could do one minute.

I don't know. Have you tried the one minute plank? When you're on the ground trying to survive while your body is trying to put you down? Yeah, that's the plank. Yes. Okay. I tried it, but it's very, very, very Yeah, so, so by the time you get to the end, you're kind of shaking and look like an idiot and you're red in your face if you do it correctly, anyway, because, you know, cannot see so.

It was very personal to do these planks together because you would see people in pretty awkward circumstances, you know, they would drop their cameras and you can see like they had the mess on the couch and stuff and a pretty good idea. Um, but at that time I didn't know you could do multiple types of planks.

So Maxime for making this up. Now I know there are different types of planks. I should maybe try it, but no, I need to work out. I'm out of shape now. I'm out of shape.

The Gym Membership Motivation

Dan: You know, what's good when you buy, like example, if we decide, let's decide, make a challenge or something. We buy this Maxim apps blank here and, um, we try to do a challenge because I figured out that Because you know that I'm quite cheap person.

So if I do invest money or pay something or buy something, I need to use it. I have, I have bought a gym membership and I have calculated how many times I have to go for this to be worth. The money I have put, of course, what is the number

Sandra: every day?

Dan: That's terrible. Why is the gym so expensive? I don't know what's happening with the world.

Probably in Finland because you cannot go out. It's snowing. It's Christmas. Yeah, there's nothing else to do. You know, I was, uh, someone mentioned this and I forget who, I'm sorry, but someone mentioned that. You can view indie hacking the same way and some things you should be able to subscribe to and, you know, do building as if they were a gym subscription,

Sandra: you know,

Dan: because that apparently if you pay for it and then.

You, you're kind of invested. You need to get your money back as you do. And you make these calculations like, okay, now I paid this amount of money. What should I maybe do to feel like I'm, I'm, I'm, you know, getting something out of this, I mean, maybe this is what we're doing with the morning, make sure community as well.

We've created a building, Jim, uh, just crossed my mind. Um, anyway, um, Does it motivate you now that you, you know, you've paid? Does it motivate you to go because. you need to get something out of it. Yes. Yes. Um, so, but it was quite hard at the beginning, but I think I already said you, now I feel so much better.

I don't know if it actually works, if it doesn't work, but it does make me feel better. So much better about myself. And what does it mean? Is it, is it that your body feels better or mentally? Or mentally, mentally, like I feel better. Like I loved going to gym now, even before the work. And I, I never, like, I was laughing to people that, are going to gym.

And I was so mean. Now I need to text everyone and apologize. But, um, I just didn't understand like, what was the point? Because I'm a sport, sport person. So I play tennis or I swim. I don't have a problem with like recreatation, recreatation, Recreation? Yes. But, um, the gym idea, I never liked it. But now when I started, I was like, Oh my God, this is good.

Highly, highly recommend it. Who is this person? I

Sandra: know! I remember,

Dan: I remembered one year ago Sandra making fun of people waking up at 6. I know, but you can stop being friends with me and doing the show if I say that I shower with a cold shower. I can promise you. Okay, that's where we draw the line. If you do cold showers, we end the friendship, we end the show.

Okay. Everything is done. Sorry. No comment. No comment. They said to me, don't talk about anything. Okay. Okay. Do you have any secrets to share? Ah, don't do that. Don't do that. Anyway.

Exploring App Pricing and Value

Dan: I wanted to ask you something about, because the pricing model on this app is very interesting. Yes. It's it's how much was it?

One year or two. 1. 1. Um, I love it. Well, of course you do. You just said you're calculating how much it costs you to go to the gym every day. Yes, but not for that reason. I love, I don't know. I haven't seen, or I'm not quite aware of Maxim. I should definitely check him out more. Is this his first project or he's building these smaller projects, blah, blah, blah, whatever it is.

I love the idea of. He has a number of applications, one of which I have bought and used. If you remember, iYoga. Oh, that's, that's Maxime. Yeah. Oh. And then he has breathing exercises as well. So he's very much into healthy, how do you call this, mindfulness and, uh, you know. That's so cool. Yeah. I love it. I love the pricing.

I love the idea that it's like, I mean, super cheap. But still expensive or like, um, Not expensive. Don't get me wrong, but still a way to catch people's attention. For sure. I would definitely try to, if Maxine is listening to this, I will definitely, definitely would try to market the pricing at least. Yeah.

Just 1. Yeah. That's the thing. Some people pay 5 just to get their everyday coffee at Starbucks. Right. So it's kind of easy. I would probably increase it. Uh, even, I mean, just from seeing the app, it, it looks good. It's probably worth more than a dollar, to be honest. And sometimes you think no one's going to buy it.

If you increase the price, by the way, you increase the price and you realize more people buy it because at some point a higher price also says higher value, if you know what I mean. So yeah, no, we associate higher price with premium. I don't know what a premium plan cap is though. Gym and the guy in the gym telling you shut up and work.

The trainer in the gym. Yeah. Yes. All right. Enough about planks.

The Best React UI Library Debate

Dan: I want to answer a question from Rokas Dam. He's saying.

What is the best, the best React UI library in 2024? Open to any ideas apart from material UI.

It's Shadcn UI. That's it. That's the best. There's no further questions.

Sandra: Well, that was fast.

Dan: Let me check the comments. Yep. Shadcn, Shadcn, checks out. Okay. There is someone saying next UI and then Shadcn again. Yeah, that's it. Um, it's quite cool. I can add some words. I think these libraries, there's always been UI libraries since bootstrap first came, and I think a lot of people realize that if you use.

A UI library, or if enough people use a UI library, it becomes a certain style. So then all the apps kind of look the same. And I think this is whatever library you use right now, you will eventually look like the others. And we will keep having UI libraries that are cool in the future. That will replace the ones that are very popular.

It's just a cycle. So, you know, bootstrap came and went because of this material. You are the same, like all the apps look like the Google apps. For some reason, we all used it because it was like, We had these component libraries and we had nice documentation. I think the same is going to happen with, uh, the chat Shadcn UI, which supposedly doesn't have any default looks, but it does, it kind of, it's still like, no matter what you do, it's still kind of looks like chat Shadcn UI.

So just some deep thoughts. The only difference is that all of these libraries before. They were maintained by someone and you kind of had to go with their vision, but with Shadcn UI, you can, you own the source code. So you actually add it as part of the project that you're working and you have complete control over it.

So you could potentially make something crazy, but I don't think a lot of people do, I think a lot of people use the defaults and then tweak it a little bit. Whoa. How can I give applause? That was amazing. How about that? Apparently, I'm passionate about UI libraries. Whoa. I've learned so much now. Yeah. Oh, I have a question for you.

Is there something going on with Klu that you could share?

Sandra: Next update is coming soon. Don't be mean. Don't be mean. Don't be mean.

Dan: It's Friday

Sandra: and I

Dan: can sleep. You want to take the next update?

Creative Guesses on AnimStats

Dan: AudioCon, who added Animstats to their newsletter. Congrats on suppressing Twitter as a top prefer. What is this? So what, what is animstats? Yes. What, okay. Is there a link? No link.

So let's do this. Let's imagine what it is. And then we each say what it is. Okay, let's go. Do we say it in the same time? Because I'm freaking out. No, no, no. You, you, you, I can say it first. I can say it first. So I think what it is. So what this is, is you go to a spreadsheet and then you basically have these nice tables and then you press like on a macro and it animates the Excel spreadsheet.

That's my tip. Very cool. Well, hmm. AnimStats. So it's animated. Stats. Okay. So far, so good. Okay, place a device. Start with the device. Where are they animated? Um, we see an image or a video of, um, referrals, which is good. So, it's coming from some kind of analytics, okay? So far, so good. So far, so good. So this type of analytic is connected with your Google.

Connect, collect, correct, correct. Sure. And then this AnimStats, it's like LemonSqueezy share my MRR. But animated. But animated, of course, because it's AnimStats. I think, I think, uh, It's about right. It's about right. So well, I actually like when people don't put the link because then We we have a great conversation And and we use our creativity a bit but okay besides the point, um anim stats probably Has the same problem as Everyone that's building in Twitter does, which is you kind of have this one major channel and you're completely dependent on it.

The Power of Twitter for Product Reach

Dan: So whenever you get an extra channel, even though I think this was more of a, it happened organically somehow they didn't work for it, but when you get another channel and you even surpassed Twitter, that's amazing. I haven't. Managed to surpass Twitter on any of my products so far, because just I'm very annoyed by it.

I'm trying, I cannot surpass it when it, when it blows up, when you get a good link, put your link in the tweet is just so. How to say it's just the, the reach that you get, you, you cannot get it anywhere else. I got some on Reddit once, but it's a lot harder to post on Reddit because of the rules. And because you will, you will get bad pretty quick if you keep posting your, your product, but on Twitter, you can post as much as you want people.

Maybe it will unfollow you or block you. But I have something interesting to share if you're up for it. Um, There is a huge difference between people who are landing or the referrals of the people who are landing to the website and the ones that is, that are signing up at least for Klu. So it also depends what you're measuring as well.

So I guess you're talking about the people who are buying the most your product are coming from Twitter or. Yeah, well, for me, it's different. Like the Twitter is the, of course, in the top three channels of the people who are landing, but it's almost nowhere to be found of the people who are actually signing up.

Really? Yeah, I shared that. Why are you, why are you on Twitter? I just enjoy it. But I, I shared that, um, when, when I was analyzing my Posthog. Um, referrals from Klu and I shared actually the most channels that are working the best for me. And one of them was surprisingly GitHub, um, medium and et cetera.

But what do you have on GitHub? I mean, this, this is a funny story at the beginning, somewhere at the beginning, um, of, of our journey with Klu, um, we had a competitor and they had amazing GitHub accounts or whatever you call them. And, um, They built something similar, but they quit pretty much. Um, and then they referred all their, um, referred all of their, um, users to Klu.

That's not something you, I was thinking, how can you reproduce this? But it's kind of, uh,

Sandra: it

Dan: just happened to, to turn out that way. Yeah. Okay. Very cool. GitHub. Yeah. Awesome. So you pro you probably have, A large part of your target group has developed some sort of developer. Yeah, yeah,

Sandra: yeah.

Dan: Cause they have money.

It's good. It's good. Yeah. I just opened just some analytics. I don't know how accurate these are, but just like a similar comparison. So Twitter 26, 000 for me. And then the next one, and that's not even close is product hunt with 5, 000, uh, unique visitors. So five times less is the second channel and then Google with 3000.

So if Twitter goes down or my account gets banned, I'm not gonna, I'm done. So, and I'm, I'm really struggling to get off of this, but it's annoying that it works. It's a, it's a blessing and a curse. You know, how, how else would you get these many visitors, but at the same time, it's such a huge platform risk.

We had Igor at the morning maker show saying this, you know, don't put too much value into your Twitter and into this because it could all go away from one day to another. There is a chance that will happen. Yeah. You really need to spread your wings. Yes, but let's spread our wings towards the next thing.

Insights on Launching a Chrome Extension

Dan: Update by John McTavish. He's saying.

Hey, founders and builders ever wanted to launch a Chrome extension of your product. You have done that or as a micro product to gain more traffic, whatever the reason a good Chrome extension is a kick ass supplement to your product, if it's good. And in today's blog post, he wrote five insights from testing a new Chrome extension, which is an image that looks like a link that I cannot go to.

Okay. And then. Okay, it was basically detailing the the blog post in the next tweets and I arrived at the blog post that looks pretty cool I've never made the Chrome extension. I was pretty close to it. You have one. I have one is it Getting a lot of usage. Yeah, is it good? Is it are you happy with would you make it again?

Um, It is because the, it, it is, um, important for Klu just because of the type of the product. So, you know, we have to, we had to make Klu accessible as much as we could before releasing, like, the product. Desktop app or whatever. So Chrome extension does work. Um,

Exploring Chrome Extensions: Use and Challenges

Dan: do you use the user? Yeah. Users ask for it or will they miss the Chrome extension if you would take it off? No, I think so. I think so. We have a certain group of people that are using Chrome extension more than others, and then if you check how they are using it, um, it definitely makes sense for them. All right, but I don't think it's very hard question because I always think about time and money you would spend in building something.

So I would definitely think about the product you're building and then see if there is a need for it before going into it. Got it. Got it. Did you have a lot of problems with it? Yes. Okay,

Sandra: I

The Perils of Third-Party App Stores

Dan: know that there's been some changes in privacy or some sort of some things that you could do with the Chrome extensions in the past.

And now you can't do it anymore. And a lot of people had problems with it. And I know some horror stories. And this is true with all of the, um, Third party stores where you introduce a bug that is critical, or maybe even have a launch day. I heard this also, and it takes, you know, a day or two before they approve a version that fixes that bug.

Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. So that that's, but it is what it is. You know, you can have an iOS app or a Mac app and the same can happen. You, you're, you're not in control. So that's one thing that terrifies me and makes me like deploying things to the web. More and more, but I do have apps and I do have to go through that.

And if you want to be on those stores, you need to play by the rules. That's what it is. I mean, yeah, this morning we actually had like a conversation, I'm making some changes and one of the issues, like how are you going to implement, okay. You're, you're implementing it on the web app. Fine. It makes sense, but then the same useful feature on the web app, how you're going to implement it in the extension, because it, you know, so it's, it does require a lot of thinking.

Very well.

Designing with Tailwind CSS and Automating Open Graph Images

Dan: Next update I would like to take by Danny.

I am bad at designing with proper tool. No, am I bad at designing with proper tools? Yes. Am I a bit better at designing with Tailwind CSS? Probably. Am I building an automated React component to JPEG? Open graph image, totally. Uh, so he has a screenshot here where he transforms some code into a open graph image.

There's a. There is a thing made by Next. js that can actually, it can actually do that on the fly. It's pretty cool. Um, I think it's a, it's a good idea if you can pull it off. I mean, no code tool to make, to make dynamic OG images. I think. Early member of the morning maker show, he has OG image. org and that is, uh, it's not really no code, but there are a lot of cool OG images, uh, that, that you can use their templates.

And, uh, so, so on, it's, it's basically a kit for making these were a lot of examples. It's quite hot. I had these thoughts. That the OG image is so important for a product is maybe more important than your logo. Yes. Because if your channels are web, essentially anywhere on the web, that's what people see.

They see your, your OG image every time they, they share a link, you know, and how much effort do we put in the OG image usually. Very little. I think that's cool. If you can position this product like that. Yeah. That's very cool. Maybe even like having the very narrow first version where you just do this, but you do it for one popular platform, like dynamic OG images for Framer or whatever.

Yeah. I fully agree with you. Just start from the small. Yeah, exactly.

LemonSqueezy User Experience and Feature Requests

Dan: Do you have any news about, I mean, just random, uh, Klu? Moving on to our next update. Wait, wait, wait. I have to, I have to tell you a story. So, you know, there's a DR from LemonSqueezy. He, he posted. Some sort of question regarding what needs to be improved in LemonSqueezy.

And people were like this and that, and want to do things like split, uh, payments. So if you have multiple people in the same store, um, then You can split the payouts, right. To two people. Uh, that's quite common. Like you have partners and it's kind of annoying when you, yeah. And like really proper features.

And then I come in in the comments, me a LemonSqueezy user. Right. And I'm like, Oh, wouldn't it be great to have. A way to do teams so you can invite other people to see the dashboards and so on. And Sandra, tell me why this was completely wrong. And did I forget anything when I tweeted? Cause sometimes I tweet without thinking.

Um, you have invited me. Two months ago, so I completely forgot that they already had this functionality and I look like an idiot, I think, but well, it is what it is. And someone told me that you've. You've missed the thing That's right there. And then it all came back to me that oh, yeah, wait a second. We actually do this.

Um, We do this already I

Sandra: think we were sharing some emails and passwords so you might have confused Things around but yeah, i've been i've been in our morning maker show LemonSqueezy Team site for a while now.

Dan: Yeah. Just goes to show. Sometimes it's good to think before you tweet. All right. Before you tweet.

No, no. If you, yeah, that's what they tell you. If you want to be authentic and look like a clown. All right.

Unveiling Amistlab's Website and Pricing Strategies

Dan: Next update. You want to take it? Dimitar.

Great news. I have great news. A mystery. Amistlab's website will be released soon. I took my time, but I'm finally able to show you what I have been working on.

Can you please read now this correctly? Uh, it was good enough. Amist? Amist? I don't have a better idea. Okay. Amist. Amist. Yeah. They could do it. I don't know if it's better if you do it quicker or not. So I research and develop result based websites.

Sandra: Ooh,

Dan: you got me. spicy CTA. Well done. Well done. Get that high converting.

One spot left.

Sandra: What

Dan: was the name?

It's okay. You don't have to do it right now, Sandra. You can buy it after the show. Okay, hold your horses. Get a high converting website engineered in my lab. Oh my god, the coffee is so good. Who is this person? Wow. I got chills all over my body. With meticulous attention on coffee, Client's generation and premium identity.

It's got all the keywords, premium check, meticulous check, engineered check. Nice, very nice portfolio underneath. This is good. What are we paying for this? Okay. Okay. You tell me, okay, let's do this experiment. I have no idea what it costs and what it is. I have a hunch that it's a subscription based design agency because That's, that's what happens today.

Tell me how much it costs per month. I hope it's expensive. I hope it's like 1, 230 euros. But that's not expensive. It's expensive for, for who Sandra? Okay. 5, 000 euros. Then don't push it. Okay. Okay. I go on baked. studio. Okay. Don't compare anything to baked. So baked, our good friend, Alex and Nick. Okay. Wait a second.

Where's the pricing? I'm scrolling. I'm

Sandra: scrolling. Okay.

Dan: So their basic plan is 4, 000 a month and their pro plan that has 40, 48 hours of turnaround time is 6, 300 a month. Okay. But this is like premium. So Alex, she's, she's like one of. The best designers in the world, basically, Nick as well, right?

It's maybe not this much. So, okay. Give me the number after you've seen this. Give me the number.

Sandra: 1, 299.

Dan: Okay. I think it's 2, 999. Okay. Are we ready to see? Yes. Wait, I lost the tab. Okay. Um, wait, there is no pricing.

Sandra: Uh, how much do you

Dan: charge? Wait, wait, wait. It all depends on your needs. We jump on a chat. Oh, it's not a subscription. Hold up. It's a one time fee and 2, 000 would get you a relatively simple website paired with design and development.

That very good. That's very good. A landing page design plus development would cost you between 1, 000 and 2, 000. Um, hire Dimitar. He is a great guy. He's very good with copy, that's for sure. Yeah, I mean, he, like, he needs to improve this section of the copy. How do you charge? Yeah. He needs to double up the amounts.

He needs to double up because I was touched by what he wrote at the beginning. Yeah. Like, this is such a good example of, love it. I just have to say, there's a lot of spam in the built in public feed today. And I don't, I don't particularly enjoy this. Some people, it seems like, uh, are trying to take advantage of us, but we shall not fall for these tweets where they just put a bunch of keywords for engagement.

Get, get out of the building public feed. There's awesome stuff in here. So you find another hashtag to spam.

I'm very passionate. Protect. Protect them. We are the first line of the protection

Sandra: of building public we go every monday and friday to check every hashtag there

Dan: Absolutely. Oh, I know what to do. Can you I will just Hashtag connect this one. I need to ban this one after the show. Okay. This is a link. This is a LinkedIn person that came to Twitter.

That's how, you know, done. Okay. Should we take one more? I mean, I'm having lots of fun, but. You know, time's flying. Should we take one more or, or do you have something to say to the lovely people? Yes, actually. You do. Is there something about Klu? Don't do that. Um, I have something to say. So I was, Oh, but it's gonna be a little bit longer.

It's okay. Say it, say it. Yes.

The Importance of Community in Indie Making

Dan: So it's been snowing in Finland for a very long time. So yesterday, and this has nothing to do with the story. I just wanted to say that. Um, so yesterday I went to my brother's basketball game and I was looking at these basketball players and then the thought came to my mind, you know, um, and somehow I was at them playing basketball.

And then I imagined each player to be indie maker. Okay. Okay. Yes. So following, okay. And then they were playing a basketball, blah, blah, blah. And then I was like, wait a minute, each of these indie maker, if you like compared with our community, each of these indie maker is actually building something on the, on their own and flying solo and blah, blah, blah.

But then they can't win. NBA, whatever NBA is giving to them, if they don't have a team, correct? Correct. Correct. Correct. Yes. So that got me thinking actually, um, on how can an indie maker who is flying solo actually play in NBA? Well, you can't because you're a solo. Where's that? What'd you mean? You can. Oh, you can.

Okay. You join morning maker show community. Oh my God. And listen to this. It's not ending. Listen to this, dad. So I couldn't stop my thinking, you know, because now I could see each indie maker playing this game. And then I was like. You know, you know that, I don't know if you are in basketball, but there is this big, huge guy playing right now.

And his name is like Jokic or they are calling them joker or whatever. And he's huge. Like this guy can eat and run and fly. And like, you are scared. Okay. So I was just imagining, imagine Jokic coming to you and you are a player or Indie maker. Who are you going to pass the ball to me, to you, to Greg, to Chavo, to Alex, you know, to Igor.

Yeah. To Igor. Like all of these people. So then I figured it out. Like, even if you're playing solo, you can still play in a team. I love this. And you do need a team as an indie maker, right? It's, it's. So many things that you need to do. You cannot be good at all of them. Yeah. Like design, Alex is waiting just to roast your design.

She, she, she's there. I'm just her dream to destroy you. I'm just waiting for someone to tell me that it's going to product. And so I can hunt it so I can share about it. So I can do anything about it. You know, you, you and your developing things, I mean, People waiting for the feedback, like everything is there.

You don't have to fly solo. I think we are changing the idea of like, in the main thing, what it is. To basketball. Yes. I love this. This was such a nice, you took me by surprise. It's so funny that you come up with these things. And I don't know how you waited until the show and you didn't tell me before, but it's good that you did.

Um, fantastic. Fantastic. I cannot even say anything after this, except for one thing. Which I really want to ask is, uh, do you have something to share regarding Klu? Yes. But it seems like when I joined Clua and signed some documents, I didn't even know what it is. They were like very friendly when they were giving it to me.

Big smile, yeah, just put your finger here, it's all good. Not even finger, they sent me over DocuSign, even worse. Um, just clicked a couple buttons and all of a sudden you cannot talk about anything. Imagine which world we are living in. What is this post? Yeah, it's horrible, horrible. Horrible. But that doesn't mean you should read the documents you sign.

It's just the world. That's horrible. But if I write them down. Does that count?

I think the part that's important is to share it with me, but it's fine. Okay. Okay. I call you after this. You call me after and you tell me and I will, I'm good at keeping secrets. You can count on me. Oh, it's so hard. I don't know how I'm going to survive. Last update. That's how you survive. Okay. I go back to last update.

Kris Slazinski's Ambitious Subscription Goal

Dan: Kris Slazinski.

My next goal. 1000 subscriptions of my apps by the end of S E P this year. Just starting 18 subs currently, I will be sharing my progress and steps I took to get there. Wish me luck. Ask me anything, my apps, and then there is a link to the apps. Oh, don't tell me it's a productivity apps because then I have to try every single one of them.

Um, so there's four apps. There's time tracking called moons. There's wins for goal setting. There is easy budget planner, and then there is emote day motion tracker. Oh, cool. And also Skoro, the game night leaderboard. So have your pick. It's a bit of everything, actually. Tell me which one I should look into.

If you were to buy one of them, which one would you buy? Easy budget planner. Okay. Easy budget planner. 5. List all your transactions, schedule recurring transactions, get a monthly summary and easily switch between currencies. Pretty, pretty straightforward. But this is. This is not the one with the subscription.

This is a one time 5, 5 fee. A pricing model that you will appreciate, I think. When I appreciate, I share. Something to try. It's ambitious. So 18 and we are one quarter of the year already. Yeah. It's the end of the year. It's December. Okay. For you. Yeah. It's ambitious. It's ambitious. I don't know how many subscriptions per day are.

I'm doing like you do with the gym subscription. So if you have 1, 000, then it's a complicated calculation because I don't know how many days are left. I wish Kris the best of luck with this. I think if you put your mind to it, everything's possible. Agree? Agree. Oh, I always wanted to say agree to disagree, but I fully agree with you.

Wrapping Up and Weekend Wishes

Dan: So besides wishing Kris the best of luck, I will wish everybody that tuned in a fantastic weekend and remember to go on morningmakershow. com to see past episodes, listen to us on Spotify, Apple podcasts, and our world class newsletter that I can't wait to receive. Yes, it's all, it's all going to be about NBA and players.

I can't wait for it. Yes. Yes. Do you promise to write a joke in it? I don't, I don't think I can write a newsletter without jokes anymore. Perfect. Thank you everyone for tuning in. There will be a video somewhere, maybe in the future, maybe not in the future. Who knows? Oh, there are already videos on YouTube.

Oh, there are? Well, why didn't I know? Dan,

Sandra: there are videos on YouTube already.

Dan: Thank you for letting me know. It's like this Igor thing all over again, where we live stream for one hour and no one told me we're streaming on X and I don't know where else I thought we're just recording for later. And then someone saying, Hey, well, Igor didn't know either, but someone saying, Hey, there are like 90 people listening right now, like, wait a second.

I just shared my emails.

Sandra: My emails, my credit card, my

Dan: address.

Have a nice weekend, everybody. We'll catch you on Monday. See you, everyone. Have a lovely weekend. Bye. Say bye.

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