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Dark mode, 5D Chess or both

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Morning Maker Show

Good morning, good evening, and good afternoon to my favorite people in the world. I told myself today, no jokes, Sandra, today's newsletter you'll write a bit differently. I am even skipping the usual marketing tips, sales talk, and the most fun fights over light or dark mode. Not gonna even complain about the pricey products I use (yes, Mailchimp, I'm looking at you) – today, it's all about celebrating amazing makers and their products.

Let's pretend you never saw Sergiu tweet. Anyway, we freaking love Ikea, right? YES! But measuring and trying to fit things, guessing, imagining, and designing can be stressful. So, Gil put together a great app that simply allows you to scan your room, take the measurements, and do everything you need to remove the stress of moving, measuring, and design from your shoulders. It's a very cool product, and we're here to celebrate it, so make sure to test and try it out especially before you visit Ikea.

From IKEA, let's move on to shopping at freaking Zara. But before diving into shopping and explaining the product, I have to say this: the product intrigued me because of its ability to innovate using existing technology, positioning it as something we haven't seen before. Okay, back to Zara. Gorgeous dresses, but not with my face. So, Vlad decided to build an app that can swap your face onto these models, allowing you to see how the clothes would actually look on you. From now on, I am not shopping online without swapping my face first. Also, it started as a joke. Come on, this is a pure example of something that is going places.

Now, if you are in need of a great community that can help you grow, connect, showcase your product, and receive feedback and ideas from others on how to improve, market, and better monetize it, (at)navinpeiris is building just that. It's another great place for you to immerse yourself in.

We're also excited to talk about our partnership with Startup Stage – a platform where you can showcase your product and share your unique story. Dan and I are more than just partners; we're active users, testing and engaging with the platform. We'll share more about our journey there.

As part of the community, I highly recommend submitting your project and sharing your story there; we can test things together.

It's always light mode. Well, sometimes it's dark mode, but mostly it's light. If I could actually have both, that would be nice. But no pressure.

You are freaking amazing. So keep building, keep sharing, and I beg you, please put that link in your tweets.

Sandra and Dan.

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