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Don't tell me MVPs are over in 2024. I am not ready

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Morning Maker Show

Okay, sometimes in a million years, I kinda do make a mistake. So let's dig deeper. During the last show, an interesting tweet popped out. My reaction was very clear; I even shared a small laugh. But after some investigation, I think I might have been wrong. The tweet that got me thinking...

"What do you mean you don't believe in MVPs? You want to push something to validate the product, to find your customers, YOU NEED MVPs." - That was our reaction. But then today, as I started writing a newsletter, I began questioning everything I said. Could it be that Amay is onto something? Could it be possible that potential customers got bored with a promising product that just are not there yet? Can this approach actually hinder the process of building? How can we make sure that an MVP is V enough?

How to build a minimum viable product

Your customers hate MVPs. Make a SLC instead. - Great piece of article to read by @asmartbear.

We're pretty great at offering advice on other people's MVPs, but when it comes to our own, do we drop the ball? I've been thinking about why this might be. When it comes to others' MVPs, our feedback is spot-on because we're familiar with our own workflows, needs, and the shortcuts we rely on to save time and money.

That own experience lets us give solid feedback, especially when the MVPs are aimed at peeps like us. But, this insight is exactly why we might stumble with the 'V' in our own MVPs—we may not fully grasp the industry we're aiming at or understand the workflow of our users, making the 'V' less impactful for them.

So, how do we make MVPs that not only meet but exceed expectations, turning into products that people love? From what I have seen and experienced, this might be the starting point for every MVP.

  • Dig deep into the industry you're targeting.
  • Have genuine conversations with at least 10 professionals in that field but really listen to understand their workflows and pinpoint what could make them use your product.
  • Figure out what 'minimal' truly means to them, then aim to surpass that with your V.

Amay might be onto something saying MVPs are a miss, but when done right, they can be the golden ticket.

ANYWAY, Igor is back! And 'Do It In Public Season 2' is coming back. Yay! Also, Igor, if you are planning to implement this season's email marketing, which I highly recommend, make sure to use Email Octopus. And for all of that cash coming in, there is only one thing you need to connect - Lemon Squeezy and you don't have to think about taxes.

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As we draw this newsletter to a close, remember that no matter the challenges you face, you're not alone. ❤️

Our Discord community is ready and waiting, a space where listening ears, supportive shoulders, and helpful hands are always available. We hope to catch up with you there!

Sandra and Dan.

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