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Join us for a rollercoaster of updates, from impressive revenue gains to launching subscription-based design studios. We explore tools for founders, AI revolutionizing property descriptions, and the heartwarming community spirit. Plus, learn why quitting coffee is a questionable life choice and discover the secret behind the tiniest, cutest espresso shot!

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Good morning, my lovely host, Sandra. Good morning, Dan. Here we go again. Here we go again. I'm sorry for the one minute delay. I promise this time we do it professionally. You know, it's not Next time it's gonna be five minutes. So You know, it's very funny over the weekend the New York Times got in contact with me.

Did they get in contact with you too? They really liked the show. They, they, yeah, yeah, they were really, really happy about it. They even gave me some nice emails and suggestions about sponsoring the content. And I was a little bit shocked. I don't know where to go. Yeah, yeah. It's only like downhill from here.

It's pretty crazy. I know. So yeah, but I'm not professional enough to know how to. Pin the tweet for the next show on Friday, but there's a, there's a thing in the comments. So we have learned from last time and we're gonna do comments now. So every time we, we read something, we're gonna, we're gonna put it in the comments so people can follow along.

But what... What are we doing, Zandra, can you, can you remind me, I forgot since Friday. It's Friday. Sorry. I forgot since Friday. It's Monday today. Good morning. Yeah. Good morning, everyone. Last week we decided to make building public alive again. So every Monday and Friday we will read building public hashtag and post during the weekend or the last week to keep you all updated on what's happening.

And who's building what and what is the progress? So yeah, I mean, yeah. New York time is all over our show. Yeah, it's great. It's great. We were blowing up. I think we had, you know, probably 100, 000 people tuning in last time. It's great. Let's let's get into it. Sandra. So I have I have it open now. Will you do the honor to read the first exciting update?

Yes, the first exciting update is coming from Stacey and Autumn looks really good for Stacey, September, October, November. I, I can't wait to see what she's up to next year. Yeah, I mean. She didn't have one. So we're looking at a, at a GitHub commit chart. She didn't have one day when she didn't commit something.

That's pretty crazy. That's love to see that she has no commitment whatsoever in autumn. So actually, yeah, it's November still autumn. That's debatable. It was like. Freaking cold for me. So, all right. All right. Well done. Stacy. Keep, keep doing it. Love to see, love to see people building things and doing it every single day.

Should I go for the next one, Sandra? Yes. Remember, we also need to do a word for our sponsor at some point. So yeah, from Vlad Sergeev. I hope I read this correctly. He says this week I'll be introducing you to the work of our branding agency, Uzor. We've accumulated a lot of work in almost 10 years, so I'll show you the coolest and freshest.

And he has like a, like a pretty cool video here with an orange and a lot of. Things changing in the logo. I wonder, is this, do you think this is like a productized design agency? This is very hot right now.

I think it could be, it could be. Yeah. Also, I love the name because I'm a Slavic person. So Uzr means it's kind of like really cool. What does that mean in Balkanese, Sandra? Can you tell me? In Balkanese, you would translate it as someone you look up to. Yeah, that's brilliant. I love it. I love it. Yeah, it's really cool, but I'm having a small issue.

Just give me a second. I want to copy this. No problem. Should I take the next one while you fix your issue? Yeah, so I've, I've seen phone around pretty, pretty funny guy. Pretty cool guy. He decided to try the built in public fad hashtag included, of quitting coffee. Now, he's been a night with it for 15 years, and now he's not, he's, he hasn't been drinking for three weeks, three weeks, and it friggin sucks, he says.

I agree, and I think, you know, there's, there's so few things we have in life that, that we can enjoy, and, and Why would you do this, Fong? Why would you do this to yourself? And not I didn't also get it, like, There are so many great ways of drinking coffee and enjoying coffee. And I, I'm the one who can get a little bit crazy when it comes to caffeine.

But, you know You don't have to quit. Don't quit and come back. What is your address? Let's send him something. I feel bad. I mean, yeah. Well, okay. So, I'm gonna have to tell you a story this morning. But please, is there someone from Italy in the chat? I hope they leave, because this is not good for them. So, I usually drink my coffee with milk.

And You know this morning I ran out of milk and I almost canceled the entire show because What can you do I would judge you yeah, but I could I had to go on for you so It was, it was possible to do the tiniest espresso shot. So Italian people come back, come back. You can give me back now. So I'm going to put it in the comments.

It's like the tiniest, cutest cup in the world. I'm just going to post it right now. How do I send this post? And it was actually very good. Maybe I don't need to milk after all. Maybe I don't. So, okay. Today I learned. So next one Sandra from, from Anthony. Anthony Riera is shipping even when the car is charging.

So Anthony is on another level here. Working super hard, building in public, even during the charging the car. Yeah, it's like, it's a cool photo. It's, it's, it's kind of cozy, right? What do you think? It's like, it's raining a bit. I, I, I, I love it. I love, actually, I love working during transition for me.

It's not a car, it's Metro and trams. Yeah. So it makes journey so much faster and better. So I totally approve this as long as he's not working and driving in the same time. Yeah, exactly. Don't, don't don't work and drive, but this looks good. Like you're inside the car. It's kind of, it's kind of comfy.

Probably has some, some heat situation going and. Outside it's cold and dark, but you're just doing some work. Let's zoom in and let's start. It's it's. I can almost see the code. I hope there's no like, secrets in there. So. Great. Alright. Next one from, from Olive. Oh, hey Olive. We love Olive. We love Olive.

We had olive last time. I can olive. Yeah. So her extension's been on the air table marketplace for three weeks today. Actually didn't know there's a near table marketplace. That's probably a cool, a little place to make some, some cash. I just submitted its first update with a free seven day trial and improved the UX.

I'd wanted to reach a hundred MRR by year's end, but it's already happened. Wow, congrats, Olive. A hundred MRR early, that's a good Christmas present, huh? I fully agree with you. I think Olive is one of my favorite person I follow on Twitter. She's, she's just amazing. So we celebrate, we need a celebration button and sound.

Yeah, if I could, if I knew how to do that, I would definitely. I mean, we've, we've talked last week and we said any time Hey, I made it. You did it. But, but we said last week, every time or any time we see MRR in our news, we're going to take a shot. That's what we said, yes. Yeah, so we might change the timing for Friday.

At least so we can take those shots. Yeah, I think the hour is not very good for shots. People think we might be alcoholics if we do it at 8. But if we do it at 8pm, you know, that's a different show also. And It's a fun one. Yeah, I love this idea. Like, we pick a word, MRR, Revenue Marketing, and every time we see it in the feed Everyone has to take a shot and, and, you know, we're together in this, so let's do it next time.

All right. Will you take the next, I think, I think it's funny. We also had the same two people Friday, so go ahead. Yeah. If, if we would read only Sebastian's tweets, we would have so much fun because he is the revenue recap for my ad business in November, 7, 000. 673 73 dollars for Euros, dollars revenue.

That's good. 31% road. Wow. 2,443 in MR. Oh, it's hot. It's getting hot in here. Wow. No, I really wanna shut now. 2, 974 subscribers, 21 percent growth, he's saying a great month again, I released a cool new app, new update for habit kit and planned the next big step to make the app even better. Okay, Sebastian, nice job.

I just, I have not even, this is freaking incredible. It's like you have a chart in there and it's basically through the roof. It's crazy. He's absolutely crushing it. Congratulations, Sebastian. It's, it's awesome. I'm even going to, you know, I didn't like this, but we should like the tweets when we read them.


This is so cool to see. So, yeah, maybe it's not dead after all, Sandra. Maybe, I mean, people are kind of making a living out of this. It's like, it's working, it's working. Maybe, yeah, maybe, maybe it's going to be dead in 2024, but this year it's good. Yeah. So let me take the next Thomas, he has a short update.

He's saying finally on Vercel pro plan, is this the beginning of profitability? So I think on one hand, yes, because you're probably doing something commercial. That's where pro plan, but then on the other hand, now you have minus 20 MRR. So that might be a problem, depending on how many customers you have, might, might be a bit of a loss, but let me tell you the Vercel pro thing.

Like when I got it the first long time ago, I was like, this is kind of pricey, you know, 20 bucks a month. And, but now I have an insane amount of, of, of sites on it. I think I've got all my, all my sites are there were my landing pages at least. And, but it's still 20 bucks, no matter how many you have. So I'm.

Maybe paying like a few, I don't know, 70 cents for a site or something. I have a lot, it's like super good value. And I'm not really close to, you know, to exceeding the limits. So that's that's pretty good. Good luck with increasing the MRR and hopefully. This will be like a small cost for you in the future.

Sandra, will you take the next one? Yes. Yes, absolutely. But I'm super slow in putting these tweets in. So I'm now I'm ready. Okay. Jack cornet. Oh, that's also a very nice word on Balkanese. But this community is amazing. Just got off a call with Florian. Oh, Florian is, yes, I approve. And he helped me with an issue I've been trying to solve all day.

And of course he solved it. It still amazes me how great people are on here. Truly grateful. I mean, I love, I mean Yes. So Florian is I also had a call with Florian. He's amazing person as well. And it's super nice to see that the community is served in this way as well. So we can jump on the calls with each other or share the problems and then have great results.

I think that's, that's, that's, I've, that's what I've also experienced when I've joined the community. This, this, not only the support system when you really need it, because usually you're building it alone or you maybe have someone next to you. But also great helpful advices from the people that might been through this.

Or can actually technically in this case share with you something. So, yeah, yeah, you've you've done a lot of those when you had your. Your product hunt launch, and it went very well. You actually had a bunch of calls afterwards with people teaching them and basically just, yeah. How was that? How was that?

Did you keep in touch with with those people still? I mean, Florian was one of the people. Yeah. But I keep in touch with most of the people. I kind of stopped a little bit doing the product hunt calls because I had to do clue, clue, clue user testing calls. But whenever someone like messaged me that they need help, I always find time to jump on the call and go with them.

You're a fantastic member of the community, Sandra. Can I just say, can I just say? That's so nice. I actually am not because when you did that, I told you please charge these people. So let's not talk about that. So Let's not go into detail. So, uh, next one from Morton PX, Morton. I know he's, he's a, he's a fellow Danish person.

He says, finally launched the new version of my subscription based design studio. Oh, that's, that's exactly what we're talking about. What do you think? Feedback appreciated. So we, we, we thought the previous one was also a subscription based design studio. This looks pretty cool. Pretty clean design.

What do you think about this now that it's, it's, it's becoming a trend. Do you think this is the, you know, the new way of, of doing design? I'm seeing so many of these agency must be pretty competitive too. Can you show me the pricing? Is that, oh, you can't, then we would have to go. I can steal it. It's design dream.

co. Let's see. He is our sponsor. So the pricing is. 2, 500 for the base, the basic, he calls it and 3, 500 for the pro and the pro has online meetings if needed. I guess the basic does not otherwise a little. I mean, this type, then Alex and Nick, um, went out with it. And I remember I had a conversation with Alex where she had to explain to me how this works.

So, I don't know. It's an interesting concept. It might save the money for the companies at a certain stage, I think. So, but yeah, it's still expensive for the, it's not, yeah, it's not for, for your average indie maker. That's for sure. Yeah. So you would probably, yeah, you would have to be a larger company or VC funded or, you know, where you probably spend a lot more on design anyway.

And then this, this could be a good deal for you, but for sure. Or VC funded companies. I can definitely see that working. All right. Good good sort of idea. Let's see. Let's see in a year what will be with these productized design services. I'm really curious to see. We'll take the next one, Sandra, by Alex.

Yes, Alex. Oh, wait, did you post it? Did you post this tweet or did I just With Alex or with Morten? I did not. No, you're, you're Okay, I, okay, okay. Alex is saying how much Alex Toy, how much focus do you put into adding analytics to your projects and building a lot? Yeah, very good question. I think I think at the beginning, adding analytics, all the analytics will thought you will totally be wrong, but you're adding and following.

But once you start with adding analytics, you will see how much you can learn, actually, um, and on the road, you will find the best ways to follow and measure what is important for your project. So I fully agree starting early on. It's super, super important. What tools do you use specifically? What's your favorite?

I mean, I go back from like, just depending off, if we are talking about the product, then I'm very highly in post hoc. Yeah. It's open source. It's also quite cheaper version of what is on the market, but yeah. Able to follow the whole user journey and measure certain things in the app. So it's really, really helpful tool.

And the sponsors for, we have a lot of sponsors, so yeah, we had. Design dream by Morton. Thanks for sponsoring. Great to see you on the show now. Post hog. Great. Yeah. New York times. We forgot. Yeah. You know, I have, I agree. I'm, I'm, I'm not too good with this and I know there's a lot to learn. Analytics is, is very important.

I tried to set up. Some stuff last week and I got so lost in, in the Google stuff and the Google analytics and ads and so on. Like I really, I can't figure out how to use it. Maybe, maybe I'm not the most clever person, but I think spending, you know, a day on this thing, you should at least understand the concept.

I was completely lost by the end of it. And I'm really. I'm really excited to see some of the alternative tools, you know, have been popping up recently. I think for analytics, there's plausible analytics that I see people use instead of Google analytics, you know, stuff like that. I think I'm going to have to try it because I, I just, I can't get on the Google thing.

It's, it's maybe very powerful. And if you're, I don't know who their target group is now, maybe, maybe it's bigger marketing agencies. Maybe, yeah, very difficult for me to get on it and to, to get the best out of it as well. Yeah. All right. Next one. Factory, I hope, I really hope this is how you say it. Okay.

Yeah. Okay. Balconies as well. No. Okay. Just good. Okay. I'm planning to launch four to five useful tools for founders. Hey, I want useful tools. I have a couple of ideas already. One almost done. But we'd like to get your input on this. What would you like me to build? The idea is for them to be free. Oh, and used as marketing for Indie logs.

Now, this is very interesting. So we talked about this last time is one of the best ways to get eyes on the, on the product, isn't it Sandra? I fully agree. Anytime you're launching something for free, you are pretty much marketing something else that's got some, someone's going to pay money for it. A very interesting post.

I want to know more. Can you, can we go quickly through the comments and see? Oh, I like this. We're, we're changing the show as we go. That's nice. So, so Mark says a tool that simplifies marketing blogging, you enter your website URL and it automatically gets suggestions for possible blogs and post topics.

What do you think of that?

Then we have An SEO page, indexer. Hey, I wanna do that. Me too. I, I have like a POC that I never launched, but I think I'm gonna do it as a free tool as well. So, oh, I'm done. A landing page. Spicer , a tool to get ideas on how to make your landing page spicer. I assume there's like the chili emoji being added.

What do you see? When you well, or yeah, well, you know spicy it could be a spicy curry, too Okay, but don't domain tool to manage all your domains in one place. Would you like that? No, because then I can see all the things that I do and I don't think about it And I don't want to see all of them I like having ten accounts and not knowing where I bought this domain from.

It's great All right We're going to read a few more. This comments are pretty good. Yeah. I need that indexer. Can you please push it? What about this one? A tool to simplify marketing efforts? I mean, marketing is pretty simple already, right? Absolutely. I don't know how much. Yeah, it's pretty broad, but well, it takes a lot of time and effort for us to do marketing.

I agree. I agree. Although it's It's a tricky one. It would, I feel like any blog post you take that deals with this and if you follow the advices, you will probably, um, it's just that we are easier, easier to quit, I guess, than to follow through. Yeah, yeah, I agree. Okay, we're we're going strong, but we forgot our main sponsor for today.

Yes, please. So this show has been brought to you by Oscar stories. It's create personalized bedtime stories for your children. You can get it right now on the app store and Google play. It's a, it's a fantastic app. If you don't know Oscar, Oscar, the Fox, brilliant little guy get the app, play with it, give it five stars, give it six stars.

Actually. It's very good. It can make the stories and. Actually read them to you in a human voice. It's wonderful for children, but I found myself using it a few times, and I had a lovely time. So, you don't actually need kids for Oscar. I just want to say that. Absolutely not. It's an app for everyone. So, thank you for sponsoring our show, and I hope you'll continue to do so without knowing you have.

So, next one, Sandra, will you take it? Oh, yeah. Rodrigo Rocco is saying late night, five hours MVP using open AI chat GPT for vision in the hospital industry. One of the most time consuming tasks for property managers are creating property descriptions, but now AI can read images. And I need you to click show more so I can read the rest of it.

So I'm creating property descriptions, but now AI can read images. The prompt needs to be improved, but the result is amazing in the hospitality industry. Interesting. Right. I mean, I don't know a lot about it, but I think this is super exciting. I am seeing a lot of these vision vision applications.

He's basically uploading photos of a room with a bed, the pool and some other things. And then he's getting like a super long list of everything you get in that hotel. So I know when you go on booking. com, you're like, look, does it have air conditioning? Does it have a hairdryer? Does it have a pool and so on?

Basically from the photos, he just generates the full list and that's it. For you when you are searching for the property or? I think it's for, you know, when you, when you are managing the property, then you need to write this description and. I assume you have a lot of these, I assume you have a lot of room types and so on.

So if you do it this way, you're going to save a bunch of time and maybe do some tweaks and and you're good to go. This is great. Yeah. This says, yeah, this is like short term rental, it says on it. Maybe, you know, also more on the Airbnb side stuff like that. I know these, these people with Airbnb, they have a ton of property sometimes.

It's quite crazy that they, it's their full time thing. Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah. All right. So two minutes left. Do we want to do one more? What do you think? I have time for one more. I see Peter. I want to drink it. I want to see. Yeah. You know, Peter, he, Peter Mick, if you don't know him, Sandra, please, please put it in the comments.

He's like, he's like the greatest. So since I've started since forever. If I go on the building public hashtag, I see Peter and he's always engaging with the community somehow, like every fricking day he is, you know, asking you about your startup, asking you what you're working on, you know, how was your weekend?

Look at this. We have. 107 70, 177 comments on this. Incredible. And then he's asking, not relevant anymore, but working on your startup this week and go ahead and pitch it to us below. So we have at least 177 startups here. First one, the person maybe you've heard about Matias, that he's quoting his partners with Dima, they've launched something called branding five.

So congratulations. That is our next sponsor, I guess. Find your brand positioning and increase your revenue. That's pretty cool. Branding five. I've I've actually, I've, you know, I, I can't, I can't lie. I've checked it out before. This is a really interesting project. Every time you start on something, you know, when you don't know exactly the tone, you don't know how you're going to approach marketing and so on.

This is such a nice start with branding five. Very cool tool. Please check it out. Peter thinks the same. I,

I think I really liked Branding 5, the reason for like that, because the guys really went into the details. I was really surprised actually how detailed it was regarding the branding. Yeah. So. They did a really good job. It's a great stuff. Definitely. It's so good in the comments here. Did you, did you like Peter's thing?

It's so good. We have a lot of SAS ideas, a lot of GPT ideas, actually quite cool. Someone doing a podcast as well. Brilliant, brilliant little thing. So Peter, thank you for, you know, being such an important member of the community. You're great. Keep, keep doing what you're doing. And I think with that, Sandra, our final thoughts will go out.

Now, I hope you all have a wonderful week. Thank you for joining. There is a link in the, in the chat for our next show on Friday. I hope you like it. If you didn't, please let us know what we could do better in the comments. I had a blast. It was awesome with my small coffee. It's perfect. I Just want to say that it's really exciting actually to come on Monday morning at nine 30 and read these posts because it's also very motivated.

And it's nice to see that people are working and building something and, you know, influencing someone's daily work. Yeah, I agree completely. It's always way better than I thought to go on the building public hashtag. Like, people are doing some pretty amazing stuff, so. Yeah. Congratulations. Very well done.

Very well done.

On that note, New York Times. Let's go back to our New York Times sponsorship, and we wish you an awesome week. See you on Friday. Bye. Bye.

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