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Calories and MRR

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Morning Maker Show

Dear Legend. You might be surprised by the title Calories and MRR, but just trust me on this one.

Missed the show? Listen to episode 4 here 🎙️

StefCodes last week reminded us that we are Steve Jobs holding the iPhone in front of the Nokia building. But Tim, this week, took iPhone to McDonald's, snapped a picture of a Big Mac (or, in my world, three cheeseburgers with extra cheese) and showed us we are about to eat breakfast, dinner, and lunch in one bite. I told you to trust me, the title fits.

The app by Tim is out. My mother got it, I got it, and a bunch of people too.

It's super simple: you take a picture of your meal, and AI calculates how many calories there are. So, as said in the previous newsletter, we don’t need to tell people about the technology we use to build our apps but the value we bring. So, for my next dinner out, I will take a picture for Instagram (of course) but also for

Don't call me superficial. I am trying here.

Now, my favorite subject: Imposter Syndrome. If you live in any Nordic country, and I hope you don't, you will pay a lot of money to your therapist to tell you that you don’t have imposter syndrome and that you should spend less time getting your diagnosis from TikTok.

But Alex Kovalev brought up a very interesting subject: how new generations of #buildinpublic people are not suffering from imposter syndrome (even though we get our diagnosis from TikTok). They don't care about architecture and best practices; they build, ship and if it works, it freaking works.

And I fully agree with this. Build in public is a movement that is changing how we fix things in the world, or just one person's problem. Don't stress too much about rules; in fact, don't worry about them at all. Find an idea, be passionate, ship fast, and test. The fixing can come later.

From one syndrome to another, but this is one I will not try to fix, or say it's wrong. I will just make sure we get the support system we need, and that, my ladies and gentlemen, is DOMAIN BUYING.

There is no better feeling, than finding the perfect domain for $9.99. MY GOD. I GET chills right now. Actually, I need a new domain.

I will definitely not stop you, Peter.

Let's get a bit serious. The #buildinpublic movement is a freaking rush. Once you experience it, it's very hard to slow down. I love it, you love it, that's why we are here.

That's why I am building Klu, that's why I enjoy so much doing this show and writing this newsletter for 60 freaking legends. But Charlie's post is a gentle reminder: sometimes, slowing down is key to growth.

Even though Charlie found peace on the bus, and I would really love to know the number of this bus so I can jump on it; make sure to slow down.
Also, I highly suggest checking out this video from Charlie.

And to finish this newsletter, as the freaking legends we are, I will just pull up a brilliant post by Manoj.

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Stay cool, keep using #buildinpublic, and until next time, it's Sandra and Dan, signing off.

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