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Uh. Fake revenue charts, Eye Yoga, cool sponsors, and healthy food

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Morning Maker Show

Just trust me with this opening. You know spring is coming, which means if you're not in the Nordics, you'll soon witness the first colors of the season. The first blooms burst open, showing off colors so vivid that the crazy minds of ours will want to drag them straight into Figma.

Well, if we're to believe my mother, by the amount of time we spend looking at our screens, soon the only way to see these flowers is if we use a magnifier. So, here's the deal. After you read this, look up and check out everything around you—right, left, up, down. Done? Cool. That's what Maksym wants us to do. Give your eyes a little workout with EyeYoga.

The community is buzzing with an update that's sparked a lot of interest. According to Stephen, there's a new hack that will make you a lot of money: fake revenue numbers.

I've got a secret to share with you: those revenue numbers, MRRs, or any other metrics you're looking at. They really don't matter. Here's why. None of these figures just magically appear overnight. The journey to achieving them involves a tremendous amount of time, effort, and dedication.

What's truly remarkable is that we're part of a community brimming with incredible individuals eager to share their paths to success. This gives us a unique chance to learn from their experiences. So, rather than obsessing over the final destination, cherish the journey. Trust me, it's far more rewarding and enjoyable.

And once you do want to share the highlights of your journey, make sure to use the Lemon Squeezy share option. I love sliding our sponsor; they are just too cool not to. When talking about cool sponsors, Dan and I have been experimenting a lot with PostHog, from A/B testing to ensuring channels like SEO are effective. So, if you're ready to dive into analytics, it's time to use PostHog.

Dan and I are still in the process of testing the great products we've partnered with. One of them is Inline Help tool and StartupStage. Inline Help is a very interesting tool because it's based on your documentation, but the product itself digs deeper into the product. This means the user can ask for and see help while interacting with your product—a super cool feature. I am planning to implement and test it with Klu, particularly to see how Inline Help can improve the Klu documentation and better system we have.

Okay, I have a dirty little confession. I have a thing for "fun" projects. It usually starts as a joke, then you share it, people start liking it, and somehow, it finds itself making waves in this crazy world.

But even with fun projects, niching them out is the key. Everything gray, almost depressing, works great in the Nordics. So, Rachel, I'm looking at you and your next moves.

Inline Help Demo

Morning Maker Show Flower

Now you legend. Take care of your eyes, take care of yourself, make sure to eat healthy, and ship great things. Dan and I will be here to report it all.

Sandra and Dan.

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